Mage PvP Buffs

For all you pvpers out there.

Whats your opinion about Frost changes ?

Ohh no, you said mages are gonna be fine How can this be I dare they not look at mages the way you do. What has gotten into Blizzard? Don’t they know better?

All right, let’s say I told you so. Have a good day.

Mages are fine.

You didn’t tell me anything.

You’re still bad at the game.

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So fire is basically back to where it was prior to the last patch. Seriously, they lost 5% damage across the board last patch and now they are getting close to 5% damage back on their main burst spells.

Seems like the only real buff is living bomb, but seriously… using that in pvp will break crowd control on nearby enemies and what other talent will you give up to get living bomb.

They really need to remove the pathetic damage from Snowdrift and then maybe we could use it, DB into Snowdrift would be nice. If want to keep a damage factor, make it apply a frostbomb.

%300 on living bomb? Last night with combust I did 125k in dmg with LB. 300% from there would blow the snot out of someone. I hope they mean 3 times the damage, because 300% may be over the top. (about 500k)

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Really? I’m going to try this.

Oops, on multitarget. So silly. In PVP it looks to hit for under a 100k.(300%) In combust. It will help but seems more an attempt to get toons to use it.

I have t PVP’d in a while, but I always liked arcanosphere, so maybe I’ll hit some BGs or something.

Speaking of arcanosphere, it goes through all terrain/walls with a knock back effect and in some situations like Epic BGs you can basically hide out of LOS and throw it onto the entire enemy factions raid group. I’ve had some like 2-3M DPS in some situations as it bounces a bunch of incoming enemies off the entire length of a bridge for example. For me, super fun.

Arcanosphere can be fun for this reason — but the flip side is if you are on higher terrain or vice versa, your sphere will fly right over everyone’s head. Something to keep in mind when using it.

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Yea, that took me a while to figure out. I was sort of expecting it would hug the ground like arcane orb, but was excited by the idea of casting through walls in certain situations.

I haven’t PvE’d in a while myself, but I personally love BGs. If you ever are looking for some bgs, hit me up!


Then use it in a manner where its doesnt break crowd control

Nice, 2 crazy mages controlling the middle with alternating arcanosphere casts would be excellent!

I wonder if the buff to Living Bomb would be enough to make it even worth its GCD. It only does decent damage in M+ due to its high uptime from being applied by Flame Patch via Incendiary Eruptions. I would really love it if World in Flames PvP talent also increased Flamestrike radius so we could reliably use it.