Mage LF Raiding Guild

  • Returning exp raider after a long hiatus since Legion due to finishing my degree & start new job in another state.
  • Long history of AOTC & mythic raiding experience since 2012.
  • Recently transfer to this server (from Alliance) & hoping to get back to full time raiding again.
  • My main is a Fire Mage 390 ilvl
  • Looking for an active social, mature & friendly adult (30s+) guild that at least gets AOTC & some Mythic progression. Also, do weekly Mythic + keys
  • Please be willing to except the fact that I won’t be available to raid full time until May 13th (due to new schedule working weekends only).
  • Willing to do some weekend trails if its needed until May 13th!
  • I do work night shift in the medical /public safety, so my schedule can change or do on call shifts. I always give advance notice if I will miss raid, unless its an emergency situation.
  • Raid Availability: Monday-Thursday from 8pm-1am EST only!

** I do apologize for this new website format won’t let me post on my main character **

Please leave your guild recruitment & contact info


Hey Epirush - we may be the right guild for you - our times and progression match what you’re looking for. It’s fine that you can’t raid until May. Check us out!

Heroes Õf Azeroth (currently 8/9 Normal) is currently recruiting mature dedicated members for our primary heroic raiding group. Our idea is to fill our primary group and at some point, start a potential secondary raid group. As of right now, we are focusing on filling the primary group. Our current raid times are Friday and Saturday 2100-2400 (9pm-12am) local server time. We do understand that people have work and families and that not everyone can make all scheduled raids. We do, on the other hand, expect a certain level of attendance or at least notice that the raid can not be attended.

Currently in demand are:

1.) Tanks (Any class).
2.) Healers (Any class although we have a few Holy Priests).
3.) We are full on non-ranged DPS but would obviously be willing to consider the right candidate.
4.) We are also in need of a raid leader for our primary group. I have been handling this job title, but I am not particularly fond of it.

Our secondary raid group would clearly need everything, but keep on mind that this group is not a priority of ours as of yet and joining for that group may be initially frustrating.

There has also been discussions of starting a Battle Grounds group. We would need someone who would be interested in possibly spearheading that activity. Please reach out to us if that sounds interesting to you.

Mythic plus could content occurs relatively frequently with our guild. Although we do not have a scheduled time for this activity, we encourage our members to save and build weekly keys with the guild. This creates guild comradery and builds a certain level of teamwork. If mythic plus content is something you are interested in, this may be the place for you.

Again, we appreciate your time and consideration. If there is anything we want you to take away from this post, it’s that this guild puts “fun” above everything else which is our number one objective. If you are not having fun, what is the point of playing? Please reach out to us in game or via contact information below if you have any other questions. Thanks and have fun!!



ShadowMooCow: Battle Tag = ShadowMooCow#1715
Prometheuus: BattleTag = Angeluus#11931

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page at:

Its Bloodlust Not Hero is an adult guild (21+) on Thrall. We are a Heroic Raiding guild (9/9H BoD) , raiding Fri/Sat, 8-11 pm Eastern. With a 7/9M raid leader, we will likely work on some mythic bosses once we have the roster for it. We are a pretty consistent group, some of whom have been playing together since Wrath. We enjoy raiding and running mythic+ together in a team atmosphere where we respect one another. We are always willing to help a guildie gear up a toon so they can participate in raiding and m+. Due to a very recent move to Thrall, we are looking to expand our group with others who share our mindset. We are looking primarily for ranged dps, especially boomkin and hunter, although we can also use a rogue. Other melee would be considered.

We offer all members a repair allowance, and raiders also get enchants/gems for their raiding toons. Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere where the members work together as a team for the guild’s benefit, with both casual players and raiders contributing for the common good. We are also LGBT friendly.

If this sounds like a guild that might interest you, add Tails#1421 to your friends list and we can chat.

9/9h 3/9 m 1/2h 2/2 normal

Two raid groups
Tues/Monday 11-130 est
Tues/Thurs 830-11 est

We run m + every week with multiple groups. Several arena groups around 1400-1800 and lots of people who do rbgs. We have around 45 raiders and 30 or so casual players. Hit me up lathander#1319