Mage LF Mythic Raid Group

Unfortunately, a non-negotiable, my availability is Sun, Mon, Tue.

I’ll state again that I am looking to apply for a group that, at the very least, sees themselves as a mythic raid group.

I need a new group to play with after taking a break from the game and coming back with a new work schedule. I’m capable and willing to play whatever spec of mage is performing above and beyond. As my logs will indicate, I don’t have experience with many end of tier bosses; however, there’s no doubt in my mind that I am more than capable for the content.

For your convenience:

Thank you for your consideration,


Hi Konameri,

Our guild raids on 2 days a week on Tuesday&Sunday and achieves CE each tier and would be looking to add a mage to our roster. I have linked more information for our guild below and would look forward to hearing from you if interested.