Mage leveling

Mage is 54, and so far it’s rough. Leveling as frost. When I hit 60 will I be able to do decent damage? Right now it’s brutal/

It gets better. When you’re 60 it will be easier if you can send them catch up gear, otherwise it’ll be tough until you get higher ilvl gear. I quit my mage for the last few months because I was over dying all the time. I tried it out again recently and it was much better. The ice block healing conduit really helps.

Swap to Arcane or Fire. Frost is really bad in open world.

Hm, okay. I really like the idea of arcane… perhaps I’ll give that a shot

I’m leveling as necro fire. With flesh craft and barrier you never take damage.

Leveling a mage is easy if you have good gear and know how to fight,was easy for me cause i had raid gear to start with each xpack.Being frost made it easier.

I leveled as arcane. The other two specs felts awful until 50. Then I swapped to fire because it’s the go to for PvP. Ice is the BiS for PVE right now if that’s more of your thing.

Oh just saw you’re level 54. It’s not the spec it’s your gear. It gets better!