Mage, Hunter or Warlock

So I haven’t really touched a ranged class/spec all expansion and am wondering how each are and which you would be if you were just starting to play ranged as of today?

And before asked spec wise for mage I love fire interested in arcane and found frost to be boring but that is imo. For hunter I know MM the most but looking for ranged so Surv is out which leave MM and BM. For warlock I love Demo, like Destro and I do not like affliction at all.

I have asked this question in the mage and warlock forums but I want opinions from all sides so this is why I posted in all 3 class forums.

Dude, of course, we’re going to tell you to play Warlock.


Well just because your in the forums of a spec doesn’t mean people that play it will tell you to play it. I.E Shaman forums they tell people not to play enhancement or elemental shaman to go to mage or warlock or hunter.

This is just one example again just curious about the thoughts out there as again I havent touched a ranged class well since wod other than to lvl it to max lvl and to do wq.

So which spec of warlock. I have leveled my warlock Demo since they made the big change to warlock… But just interested from warlock community which spec they like the most and why

I like Demonology a lot. Destruction is easy and boring to play after some time. Affliction is good, but uninteresting to play.

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Lock is my fav of those you’re picking between. The three specs feel drastically different but all are fun in varying degrees. Depending on your content there is a lot to love. My favorite is Demo, but Destro is great and Aff is still really good but takes some work.

So here is my history with Warlock. I played destro and like fire spec for mages it wasn’t looked at for a while when I started playing it. Then they did the overhall to demo. I like what it represents for warlocks that you summon a army to help you fight. I tried aff and didn’t like it at all. don’t know why just didnt like it.

So I “main” all 3 of these classes. Officially my mage is my main for raiding but I mostly push keys and do it on all 3 of mage/hunter/lock and would say you really can’t go wrong with all 3. Mage is probably the highest skill cap of the 3 with warlock close second and hunter a distant 3rd.

Hunter has the (debatable) advantage of having a melee and 2 ranged depending on what you want to play. For world/solo content Hunter and warlock are way better than mage so if that’s your thing then definitely something to consider.

If you like pugging raids then warlock is always a guaranteed invite just for health stones and summons. I think warlocks have the coolest “feel” of all 3 classes since their specs are very unique and play much different from another.


Have you not been watching the AWC?

Are you playing for fun and messing around, or because you want to be instantly viable in a mythic raid or a +20? This question has very different answers depending on how you want to play.

What’s the AWC

In short my guild kind of imploded so looking at trying to pug normal or heroic raids, mythic + pugs no higher than 15’s and casual wpvp maybe some bg’s.

If you’re planning on pugging raids then 100% warlock. It is a top tier dps basically every patch and has summons/health stones/lock gates that are all really helpful in raids.