Mage AOE Farming? Help

I am currently a level 28 mage. I have points put in to the proper skills for mage AOE farming/ However, my blizzard does not appear to kill them quick enough and i run out of mana while they still have half health. I am doing this on mobs my level but i dont know how people do this. Id really like to try it out.

I never used Blizzard. I used Arcane … erm … something. Whatever the arcane AOE is. But as I remember it was a real mana suck.

In BfA I could spam AOE all day and not even move my mana bar.

In Classic, not so much. I’m lucky to kill two mobs at a time. (granted, I’m at level 12 with poor gear, but …)

If you’re wanting to aoe grind for exp then you will want to target mobs that are a couple levels lower than you. If you’re level 28 then try to find camps of mobs that are level 24-25 and you should have enough mana to kill them with your blizzards. Aoe grinding on mobs at the same level as you is possible but requires decent gear for your level and alot of mana pots.

Apologies cant put links in posts.

WoW - The Art of Grinding by k4li (2006) on YouTube highly recommend

Also Google Icy Veins Classic Mage Guide & scroll down to section 4 and increase level slider to your level.

THAT BEING SAID. I highly advise AGAINST doing Frost AoE.

  1. It is not that easy and you are running out of mana because you need to have well optimized gear and a perfected pull strat.
  2. If you aren’t WILDLY ahead of the curve from other players you will be constantly competing for pulls of 4-6 rather than what you need…say 8+ (ideally 10+) for this method to really showcase the type of velocity it can offer.

Highly highly recommend going Single Target BURST frost. With good RNG you will be 2 shotting mobs and with bad RNG 4 shotting them. If you want to do quests and see the world I also would recommend this method as questing and AoE grind are not really designed to be BFF’s. AoE grind is running between a few camps and farming them over and over and if you botch a pull you are constantly losing XP/hour.

Hope that helps!

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Even though you put points where you’re “supposed to” mage AoE farming is still lacking a lot at your level. You can have the talents to get the control from Blizzard, but you really want those crits from shatter. At around 35, once you can get the shatter build added in with your talents for Blizzard, then you’re going to REALLY see your AoE grinding take off. You need BOTH the damage and the control to grind the way we did back then.

At your level, stick to stuff that’s green to you.

Not sure I’ve seen many if any AoE builds run shatter, explain how it’s useful? 90% of your damage output is enemies slowly walking through blizzard. Shatter is for ST burst because when combined with Frostbite your frostbolt spam becomes ludicrous DPS but not seeing how it helps an AoE mage?

Shatter can be used with flamestrike as well as cone of cold and arcane explosion. Its great for aoe.

But yea, you are too low to grind on mobs your level, and aoe grinding as a mage doesnt really hit peak until level 40 when you get your mount and shield.

For me I personally prefer the flamestrike/coc/ae rotation as it lets me keep frostbite and shatter for pvp.