Mage AOE farming - alliance

So…got to level 50 doing aoe grind farming…spent last MANY levels in Tanaris on the dockworkers and th elike, but now im screwed…all the guides are saying sorrow hill these 50-51 zombies…but dear lord. At 50, with really nice gear (5k mana etc) everything has to go perfect, no resists, nothing, no unespected agro, and even then you use 100% of mana…basically it’s the worst of the grinding areas so far…probably cuz im jumping from 43’44’s all the way up to level 50…is there anywhere in between this I can go for a level or 2? I think at 52 i get a new rank of bliz which I assume will help but 51/52 grinding seems real ugly here in wpl

Go to Hinterlands, grind oozes.

Or go to Mara, complete your scepter quest, and grind worms/turtles around the waterfall.


group up with other mages and go to zul farrak. zombies/scarabs. if its too low i recommend just doing sunken temple proper because every warrior under the sun needs it so youll find a tank nice and easy.

Do the turtles on the south beach in tanaris, out of the way and they are 50-52 i believe.

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You can still pull XP from ZF zombie farming. I did that from 46-53. Good gold, no problems with competition, engaging grind. I would recommend CoC kiting

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You could always gulp quest for 1 level.

. . . . Na mages can’t quest, I forgot. Lol


At lvl 52 just do BRD 4mages 1 priest groups. Nothing beats that as XP farm

Was just about to say this.

Also I found that when I was low 50-55, groups doing arena/anger runs loved to have a mage. EZ way to get the belt and at least some XP so you can paste away from the mind numbing open world aoe grind.

I will point out that there are different types of mobs in WPL, and some of them are resistant to frost. Obviously you don’t want those. I assume you’ve double checked the mobs you’re farming?

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Maraudon killing the worms is fantastic to 52-53. You have to get the sceptre first though. Then you can jump in on BRD arena farms with a healer and 4 mages which is even better. It’s fun too. You can ride that out to 60 if you want to but we stopped at 58. Ridiculous exp/hr plus the loot is decent. Then you can bounce between instances for gear and WPL zombie farm during downtime.

Good luck!

type 50-55 mage in who list. ask all of them if they want to join BRD aoe prison ring run and find 2 of them. find a good tank and healer. then run BRD prison rings and reset. its some of the best exp you can get at that level if you feel bored or solo is too hard. 3 mages 1 heal 1 tank make short work of that run. plus interrogator drops spell power shoulders and cloak + arena attempts.

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Have you thought about accepting quests, completing the quests, and leveling up from the xp you earned?


Hahah… exactly. I’ve never understood the obsession with aoe grinding. Is that what the cool kids do? I quested the entire way to 60 and it was plenty fast enough. AoE pulling quest mobs? Sure… but to mindlessly grind mobs for hours on end? You’ll never convince me mass pulling pirates in Tanaris (while competing with other players for the same mobs) is faster than me doing the various kill quests throughout the zone.

Same goes for 50+ when you get to WPL. Sure those are some nice spots with a lot of mobs but good luck getting any kind of XP efficiency going when you have 5 other mages there at the same time. It won’t be as fast as questing. Period.

Oh… I was actually in Tanaris last night on my warrior alt. Saw a mage attempting to AoE… and died miserably. Then ran back… and died again.

He was horde though… because if he were alliance I’d have been like “DUDE! You can’t aoe pull ranged mobs!” He was just getting owned… LOL so much for XP efficiency. :slight_smile:


After watching a mage blow up 11 skellies in EPL that were one level lower than him, my sympathy level is at an all-time low. Took him more time to loot than kill.

It is exceptionally faster. My lvl45 Mage went into ZF with rested experience and each zombie was giving 1700-1800 xp per kill. Even with the travel time and the occasional goof-up because of resists, it beats traveling through half of Hinterlands to kill trolls or oozes, then travel back to town to turn in for a fraction of the xp, gold, or drops.

I quest still when it is convenient to fold into my AoE farming, and I can’t just sit and grind all day because it is boring as sin, but being able to crack out a level in about an hour with no worries about competition or PvP shenanigans is hard to beat. And if you are grinding the outdoor groups, sorry but quests just pale in comparison if you can reasonably gather up 5-7 mobs at a time and your only downtime is drinking back to full. Best of all, you can still get the kill quests done with many of these areas that way when you finally need to vendor and/or repair, you turn everything in. The pirate hat quest gives 3,900 xp for completion. Since hats drop about every 1 in 3, you’re looking at ~60 kills for about 170 xp a pop, or about 10,200 xp just from killing the mobs.

Put more pointedly: kill ~23 pirates and you get a quest’s worth of experience. That’s trivially easy if they’re not being farmed too hard.

Put even more pointedly: kill ~4 ZF zombies, without rested, and you get about a quest’s worth of experience. It takes about 5 minutes to kill a pack of zombies with just CoC spam, then reconjure a gem and drink to full. You’re telling me you’re completing quests once every 5 minutes?

It will trivially be.

Stopped reading there… LOL

My warrior is milking the rest xp too. Sit for 10 days, cap the 1.5 levels rest then bust out 3 levels (while doing quests) before rest is depleted. That’s how I leveled my priest from 35-60 and have done the same with my warrior who hit 48 last night. It makes everything faster.

You probably should have kept reading as I broke down the xp comparison WITHOUT rested.

But go off…

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Nah it’s cool man. I believe ya. Nothing against aoe grinding. If you want to mindlessly grind the same mobs for 20 levels, knock yourself out. I prefer to mix in quests for variety and to ease the pain.

have you tried… you know… quests?

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I love how you ask a simple question on what to aoe grind for a mage at 50 instead of sorrow hill and you get a zillion opinions from jerks trying to spew their childhood issues at you. wowwwwwwww. get over youreslves. If you don’t want to help people on the forums then do’nt post.

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