Mad about tokens? but why?

im pissed because its a blatent money grab by this greedy company that has no moral standards. The reasoning they gave is complete garbage. To lazy to fight bots the right way, and saying that the token wont effect the vast majority of players because they simply dont need gold to pay for raid consumables.

If they honestly believe it wont effect every day players then they are clueless to how inflation actually works, which scares me even more for a company this size. Flooding unearned money into the market will inflate the sales price of everything in the AH making the “every day” player have to spend more than they make in dailies and dungeons and force them to A. farm more hours, B. buy a token to keep up, C. both. THIS completely undermines the spirit of Wrath classic. this company has no ^&%#(^& shame and is an embarassment after they stated there would Never be a token in classic.

now they wondering like duhh, whyth eveyones thsoo mad bru? Too lazy to fix things the right way so lets scam the players for more cash and make it thier fault for doing so. Garbage company

Bobby needs another 200 mill bonus


I mean if they want to play a p2w game that’s on them. Personally I find BiS GDKP items to be cheap. You can basically get full BiSd out for like 500 dollars now.

To be fair those “features” are decided by two different teams.
The token system is decided by the “cheat team” (apparently) and bobby
The RDF system is decided by the actual wotlk devs


I’m not. Blizzard (the studio) has been losing profit pretty much each quarter. – As in, each quarter made less money than the previous year’s same quarter.

I seriously can’t wait until June 30th (or maybe a bit after), when their Q2 is released.

The answer to your why is to read the many other threads of people spamming the same thread and you’ll quickly find your answer. Adding spam to the existing spam is annoying.

Read to find your answer instead of trying to stir the pot further.

Anyone else notice how sock puppets make these threads and then sit back to watch the fireworks?

Blizzard, please put in battle tags on the forums.

Actually they will have to farm less because now mats are at a premium to sell, crafting becomes more niche but profit margins on in demand items increase due to influx of buying power and suppliers meeting demands, Customer always sets the price and if you just want cheap goods so you can run some quick dailies and raid weekly because youve got more money than time then on the opposite side of the coin you can just buy gold off a crafter or farmer the legit way and not worry .

I seriously doubt it was anywhere near a majority. Probably lots of players did it but I actually never saw it happen to anyone.

They tried to secretly sneak it in without saying anything because they knew there would be blowback.

Because Wrath never had WoW Token but had RDF and they still stubborn AF by not adding it.

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Because you should feel bad about buying gold.

Seeing it in the daylight and legitimizing it goes against what people think of gold buyers for the last 17 years.

It’s like legalizing drugs, you know it’s legal now, but you still have a moral issue about it.

Humans being humans.

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we’re mad not because of the token, but because THEYVE DONE LITERALLY NOTHING FOR 3 YEARS.

bugs hackers bots nothing is adressed

Blizzard: but we ban daily even tho we said we only did ban waves

Did you play on a solo server? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do you know what confirmation bias is?

Are you sure about that?

They’re literally lying. Those numbers are 100% untrue in regards to classic. If you played the game you’d see that it’s complete and utter BS.

Ok, and what numbers do you have to disprove theirs?

I don’t know, maybe the entire community complaining about bots for the last 3 years? The fact that the same bots run around for 90 days?

You literally work for blizzard my dude, give us the numbers instead of trolling your community. The fact you troll these forums like this is a perfect example of how horrendous you guys are at your jobs. Complete apathy towards your community. I don’t understand how you still have a job

You don’t know? That’s not looking great.

They can ban 200k bots a week and the community would still complain.

How do you know the same bots stay around for 90 days?

Now this is just silly. Please just stop making things up.


Imagine likening swipe your credit card as much as you want to get as much gold as you want and an item created much too late to make a big difference that mostly protects against some of the worst toxic game behaviors.

Yeah ok bud.

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