Macros Gone

Just logged on after Tuesday Maintenance and found my Macros are missing from my Shaman. I wrote them during the 2 hours before restart and after the restart, they are gone (only the ones I just recently made, the older ones from weeks or months ago are still there).

Not only are they missing from my bar, they are not in my macro list either.

Edit: All the settings for my chat options are also gone. no macros or game setting that were made in the 2-3 hours before restart remain. Did you roll back the servers???

Macros and settings aren’t stored on the servers. They’re entirely local, but they don’t get written to disk unless you cleanly exit the game. Getting D/Cd or kicked off the server puts that at risk.

You can also use /reload to force the settings to save so you don’t have to logout all of the way.

Check the macros-cache.txt.bak in your character’s WTF folder. If they’re not there then you’re SOL.

Hi there.

I would highly recommend you either automatically back up your WTF folder regularly as there are a variety of glitches that can occur where macros disappear or your entire UI can sometimes reset.

Also when you make some changes, immediately log out so that your stuff gets stored as if the client crashes and you haven’t logged out, then your changes may or may not get saved.

Hope it helps