Macro to switch between any form into travel form and then back into my current specs form?

Hi there, I had this macro that would switch between forms depending on where I’m at but Dragonflight broke it for my Guardian spec. I had two versions and I don’t remember which one worked, but here they are.

/use [stance:4,indoors]Cat Form;
/use [swimming] [flyable,nocombat,noform:3,outdoors]Travel Form;
/use [noform:4]!Moonkin Form;[combat]Bear Form;!Moonkin Form

/use [nocombat,noform:2,indoors]Cat Form;
/use [nocombat,noform:3,outdoors]Travel Form;
/use [noform:4]!Moonkin Form;[combat,noform:1] Bear Form;

They work in Balance spec but not Guardian…Idk how to fix em.

I’ve used this one for a long time. Basically by default it goes to the fastest form available and if you want a specific form like cat, bear, or moonkin/treant you hold shift, ctrl, or alt respectively.

/use [mod:ctrl]Bear Form;[mod:shift]Cat Form;[known:Moonkin Form,mod:alt]Moonkin Form;[mod:alt]Treant Form;[swimming][outdoors]Travel Form;[indoors]Cat Form

If you need help customizing it to your liking, let me know and I’ll try to help out.

Im not in game at the moment but I assume it’s breaking because of Moonkin Form? You didn’t specify how it is broken, what specifically is not working with it? It’s like trying to move in and out of moonkin form but since you don’t have it, nothing happens.

There are two ways you can try to fix it;

  1. You can use [spec:#] as a conditional to force certain behavior based on spec. This will only attempt to move into moonkin form in the second spec on your spec page. I can’t remember the order, but I think Guardian is 3 and Resto is 4, not sure the order on feral/balance.
    /use [nocombat,noform:2,indoors]Cat Form;
    /use [nocombat,noform:3,outdoors]Travel Form;
    /use [spec:2,noform:4] Moonkin Form;[combat,noform:1] Bear Form;
  1. They have added a new conditional based on talents learned which would fix it if moonkin form is what is breaking. I think this conditional is [known:#]
    /use [nocombat,noform:2,indoors]Cat Form;
    /use [nocombat,noform:3,outdoors]Travel Form;
    /use [known:Moonkin Form,noform:4] Moonkin Form;[combat,noform:1] Bear Form;

I think what happened is either I don’t have moonkin talented as Guardian or they removed it. I haven’t even opened my talent tree as Guardian so I’m not certain. I switched to Balance and it works perfectly, so it’s definitely the moonkin form outside of Balance spec that’s the issue.

I’ll try your changes when I’m able to, thanks!

Hi all - I have been banging my head against the wall here to get this working. So, using the known conditional I think I got it set up right (just for moonkin form, I didn’t add bear in):

/use [nocombat,noform:2,indoors]Cat Form;
/use [nocombat,noform:3,outdoors]Travel Form;
/use [known: Moonkin Form,noform:4] Moonkin Form;

But, whenever I try to shift from travel form to moonkin form, I get a “you are shapechange form error”.

NB: I am using Glyph of Stars if that matters

EDIT: Mystery solved, I will leave this for any new aspiring druid:

/console autounshift 1

fixes the problem.


I stole this and it has been working wonderful. I am new to Druid so this has made my life so much easier. Thank you!

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