Macro help?

Yo guys recently when I logged onto retail my cat/travel form macro isnt working anymore… did blizz really break this macro as well?

Mine has been working without issue:

/use [mod:ctrl]Bear Form;[mod:shift]Cat Form;[known:197625,mod:alt]Moonkin Form;[mod:alt]Treant Form;[swimming][outdoors]Travel Form;[indoors]Cat Form

What did yours do?

/cast [stance:1] Cat Form
/cast [stance:3] Travel Form

this was the macro I was using and it would either make me go cat form or swap me to travel form. now it just doesnt work period.

That macro will only put you in cat form if you’re in bear form (stance 1) when you press it

There’s no chance that macro posted would ever be able to put you in travel form. It would cast the spell if you’re already in travel form (stance 3) (which would cancel the aura)

You can use conditionals for if you’re in a form or not in a form. 1 is bear, 2 is cat, 3 is travel, 4 is moonkin, 5 is cosmetic tree form, 6 is mount form, 7 is your incarnation form (subtract one for each form you do NOT have starting at moonkin).

A simple cat form macro is:

/cast [noform:2] cat form

Puts you in cat form and won’t cancel the form if you accidentally double tap it. [nostance:2] may also work. I don’t know about “stance”, but I can verify [noform:2] works.

I am not kidding nor lying when I say it worked before the latest patch perfectly fine. If I wasnt in cat form it put me in cat. If I was in cat form and hit it it put me into travel form. Its what I wanted it to do and now it no longer works :frowning:

If you want one button that toggles only between cat and travel, then:

/cast [noform:2] cat form
/cast [form:2] travel form

I have not experienced any changes to the macros I use nor has anyone I play with had any macros broken :man_shrugging:t2:

Thank you so much! It works how I want it.