Macro Conditional [@mouseover=target]?

Title sums it up.

Not new to macros conditionals but unsure if this is possible. I can’t seem to get it to function properly.

I’m trying to cast Blessing of Protection only when my mouseover is also my target.

/use [@mouseover=target,nochanneling,noharm,exists,combat] Blessing of Protection

Any ideas?

is that a spell then should be /cast a /use is usually a trinket

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Not Possible, @mouseover is shorthand for target=mouseover. You can only test if a unit exists, is an enemy or ally, and whether they’re dead (along with the inverse of all these). You can’t test if they’re a specific unit or if they’re the same as some other unit.

You can, however, forcibly change your target to whatever you’re mousing over.

/target [@mouseover,help,nodead]
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/use works for spells as well. I use it b/c it’s one character shorter (:

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