M+ ww stats

is there any reason to prioritize haste over vers and other stats? i do a lot of arena so my gear is high in vers and my dmg was kinda low just wondering if it’s a stat issue or a LTP issue

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Haste will really kinda be a personal thing about how energy starved you feel. As a brew, I like to run at a bare minimum +10% haste because anything below that just feels sluggish and bad. Is it the best min/max according to sims? No, but it’s the best for me as a human player in a chair.

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Yes haste is desirable in M+ over vers for a few reasons. The primary reasons being damage profile, Dance of Chi-ji, and Bonedust brew.

WW damage profile in M+ has Spinning Crane Kick at the top. Before even pressing SCK, you first have to build stacks to improve its damage, potentially requiring several GCDs of ramp. Having more haste makes it so you can ramp faster and use more spinning crane kicks before the mobs die than if you had more versatility. If it takes too long for your ramp, the mobs will be much lower health before you start SCK so they die before you can really pump the damage out.

Now, when you consider Dance of Chi-ji, it becomes more obvious why haste’s value improves over vers: the proc chance is based on how many abilities you press in a given time frame. So if you have more haste, you can press more abilities in the same time, and therefore get more procs of this powerful talent before the mobs die.

Finally, most ww are running necrolord, whose covenant ability creates a 10 second window where you want to cast as many abilities as possible because they have a chance to multi strike. When you do not have the haste from your celestial during your bone dust brew, having more haste means you can fit more casts of SCK (and ideally with dance of chi-ji) into the bone dust brew window.