M Sark Experienced Hunter & DK LF Guild


Unfortunately the guild I’ve been apart of has just split up after beginning M Sark Prog, I’m looking to continue raiding and find myself a long term home.

I’m currently playing this Hunter but am open to Enh/Warrior Re-rolls for 10.2 as I have decent experience with both.

I’d like to continue playing with one of the DK’s who was also apart of before the split, Bwonsambabe-Frostmourne, and would greatly appreciate any guild that may have Trial positions for us both.

Thank you

Discord: oddshoot

Up to have a chat with anyone that reaches out

Hey Mate, we prob are a really good fit for you if u are looking for 10.2. Sorry about apes. Hit me up on Discord on Icefang9540 or Rembeast#1389 (bnet)