M+ Healers!

I agree with this. I’ve been in groups with Holy Paladin healers that were awesome, but I have also been in groups where they were………not.

that guy has no idea what he’s talking about lmao, dungeons actually do damage now and thats why healers are so upset because they need to actually be able to heal to get through dungeons. Evokers and druids get brought because they do good damage and insane healing.

Doing +10-12s is way different from +18-20s.

Im not a healer but is it possible they may not be bad but have a high skill ceiling that players dont want to deal with? What about the sub 200, why are they not climbing? Lots of dps/tanks dont take responsibility for themselves expecting healers to carry it all like SL. And then treat them like garbage.
Not calling out your post just curious whats behind it all

Holy Paladin is not an organic healer. My guess is Shaman suffers from something else. Both classes need revisions to their play styles.

Holy Paladin is just weird. Nothing feels natural.

MW is seeing buffs next reset. Resto Shaman needs damage buffs; if you’re a resto shaman and not pushing damage buttons, you shouldn’t be struggling to heal.

They aren’t bad. The reason they aren’t showing is simply due to healing patterns and damage output.

Resto druid tends to have solid damage output in general, and Evoker looks to follow suit. These healers are throughout healers, and resto is usually bottlenecked by being the overhealing healer. But the healing patterns in this M+ tier have considerable rot damage, making overhealing far less likely.

That said, it’s damage potential that tends to restrict them as they go higher. On most keys up to a 20, the HPS needed to heal a good group comes in just around/under 30k, and a great group 25k; an ilvl 375 healer with a good stack of water can keep up with the healing needs of said groups, provided the healer is skilled.

The problem is that people who are most vocal about M+ changes in general tend not to play at a high enough proficiency to have good game sense/knowledge to know whether a spec is bad or not, and rarely why. Not to mention that even among “good” healers, there tends to be a mindset of “do things this way or bust”, which harms one’s growth as a healer player; the strongest healers are those who recognize the game I’d dynamic and fluid from key to key, even with the same group.

A mediocre resto druid who fails to utilize their utility/damage at ilvl 400 gear could very well have less performance than every other healer at 375 in the hands of a great healer. There will isn’t any healer really bottlenecked by their kit this tier, and gear is only as useful/effective as the skill multiplier of the healer permits.

What does this mean? Well for starters, it means that if you’re not actively pushing at 21+, you’re not even playing at a range where healer spec differences actually matter; a player struggling before this point is going to grow much stronger by PRACTICING good habits and play than switching to another healer.

And once you hit that 21+ range, the name of the game is “time efficiency”. Resto druid is bottlenecked by GCDs, so resto druid players at that level of play tend to have really good time efficacy already, which is why resto Druids are almost always present. Remove their overhealing bottleneck, and you now have a healer that takes longer to notice healing requirement changes, which means more uptime for damage.

Other healing specs are not blocked by GCDs when played as proficiently, so even if you did buff resto shaman healing they don’t really gain anything from it. They’re already very mana lean, they’ve already got solid throughout, and the HPS requirements at that level aren’t higher than what any healer is capable of. They bring lust to free up party comp, and they have kit items that can help cheese in ways other healers cannot, or cannot as easily.

Resto Shaman could triple their output and it wouldn’t do anything to contribute to their time efficacy. It would make them potatoes easy to play, but it wouldn’t contribute more to their keys.

Mistweaver on the other hand has awkward spots in their playstyle which does not mesh well with the current healing patterns. Mistweaver could keep their HPS the same and see a slight rework to their kit (which is what they really need) and benefit both in terms of healing and damage efficiency.

TLDR: R Shamans that aren’t actively maximizing their damage in 21+ keys already could have triple output and easier low keys without so much as changing their representation at the mentioned level.

MW is doing the worst because their kit, which has a lane, isn’t meshing well with current patterns.

Disc priest is on the cusp of a good show. They’ve got GREAT matchups between kit and patterns, decent damage for priority, but would benefit from some oomph.

Holy priest has good pattern matchups, but poor movement options. The spec itself is fine, but the skill ceiling to play at that level as H priest is HIGH.

And H Pal doesn’t really need anything but mindset shift. They’ve got decent damage, decent kit,ore utility and cheese than any other healer in a tier that loves both. H Pal does work, but only if you THINK like a PROACTIVE healer

And much of the people struggling are playing reactive healers and thinking like reactive healers, they don’t have a plan BEFORE things get bad. The strongest players are on these classes and putting up results because they can think proactively, while weaker players will be penalized for “memorization” over “fluidity”.

And that isn’t a bad thing, as that’s the perfect conditions for anyone looking to up their healer game.

People want a free lunch carry healer to coast with.

Those days are gone.


When you get over 1600 score, over 2500 score and do some relevant content, check back.

So happy to see this, glad someone noticed. Anyone else wanna comment about how resto was fine…

Try playing disc in M+…
Druids and evokers are meta at the moment for good reason. Most of the other healer kits are terrible.

And these changes might grant you one or two key levels at best. It’s not going to suddenly allow people doing 15s to get a 20.

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Once again its not about me, its the fact that the class, like others, was not at par for healing. Point proven. Thanks bye.

This is absolutely correct!

I think their AoE healing (like Healing Rain and Chain Heal) could be buffed. Their single target feels strong but they lack the AoE ‘oompf’ I’m used to them having. And an interrupt that doesn’t have to be talented into.

I don’t think these buffs are going to make a massive difference? I think rsham is still gonna struggle in 5 man content, it’s just rough in that group size for them. It’ll help, for sure, but these changes aren’t going to redefine the meta, I suspect.

A change I would like is how fist weaving works over all: One of two options - One buff it back to 250% like it was in shadow lands, Just made the heals over all higher.

If not that, Change how our hits generate heals: Using EF or stomp to get a buff in to fist weave is just silly to me always has been, Keep the 150% but remove the 'buff" uptime needed for teachings to proc.

There’s only six, with only two being good, so that doesn’t mean much.

As a Holy Priest i feel fine, i can both heal and do decent dps : ) we have a tool for every damage pattern. stop forgetting about us and how easy and good we are.

OP forgot about Priests makes me sick and as usual Holy is slaying but now we’re full swing in M+

Sorry not sorry, Shamans! better reroll Prevoker they start at level 60 btw

I’m sure priests do great healing in +12s.

i never said i was good bro relax