M+ Dreaming Hero Title -- Updated April 23

In this post, we updated the score required to earn the Dreaming Hero title for Dragonflight Season 3. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 3 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.

Season 3 has now ended in this region, and the title will go to those who scored at least:


Good luck!


good luck, gamers!

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I am 300 short, I’ve pugged as far as I can, or maybe I am just not good enough… feelsbad.

I dream that M+ will one day have prestige rewards between top 20% and top 0.1%. Nothing like being in the top 0.2% and walking away with the same stuff an AOTC gamer does.

Where is the CE of M+? It’s either HoF or AOTC and that’s a shame.


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You’re obviously just the messenger and this isn’t different from RIO’s cutoff guesstimates, but I really wish y’all started posting this at the start of last week since that was the last Tyrannical week of the season.

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thank you for this message

Well grats to whoever pulls it off!

If you werent watching closely you didnt care enough to push.

Get rid of Deathmark and Bring Back Vendetta #Warwithin

This 2 min Cd has been just a joke in arenas. Since everyone can just dispell our dots/2 min so easily now.


where title

Obligatory where title post

where title

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Title here.

(It’s actually being handed out as of today, fellas; there’s like 8 people on these forums that got it, but log in!)

Where’s my title I was 3687.

rio shows 3,686.8 though

oof that hurts the soul. rough.

Would be interesting to know if Blizzard rounds up.