Lycara's Teachings

Not sure if I’m misunderstanding something but Lycara’s Teachings doesn’t seem to make my mastery go up by 6% when I got into moonkin form. When I’m in human form, my haste goes from 24% to 30% (6% buff) but when I go into moonkin form my mastery goes from 23% to 27% (4%) but as the talent tooltip says I should be at 29% mastery. Tried with cat form and it works fine, I got from 14% crit to 20% crit. Bear form also, I go from 6% versatility to 12% versatility. Looks like mastery is the only that stat it doesn’t work for properly.

So i noticed this too and it seems to be the tooltip is just lagging behind. Does the same thing to my haste rating when i shift in and out it staggers the application of the haste. Ive seen it start with 2% and work its way up to 6 over the next few character opening

Spamming the character sheet and giving it a few seconds updates it to the correct values for me while shifting seems to show you the last set of values if you dont close the character sheet or open it right after shifting.

I tried that too but it still only goes up by 4% instead of 6%

It grants 6 Mastery Points, not %. The tooltip is inaccurate. Each spec has a different percentage change in mastery per Mastery Point.

You can find the percentage change per Mastery Point by unequipping all your mastery gear and dividing your mastery percentage value by 8, because every spec is granted 8 “base” Mastery Points for free. As balance druid, your base mastery is 4.8%, divided by 8 is .6% per Mastery Point. So with Lycara’s Teachings, moonkin form will increase your mastery by 6 * .6 = 3.6%

You can see the difference per spec by going Feral. In moonkin form as Feral, your mastery will increase by 12% because Feral gets 2% mastery per Mastery Point.

What i have found, and it may need some addressing on blizzards end, is that the mastery % value is only displaying the mastery value thats always in effect, not the added while sunfire/moonfire are active. When I swap into moonking form and keep hovering over the mastery stat, my mastery value goes up 4% and the SF/MF portion goes up 2% as well,
I believe it has to do with blizzard changing the mastery to always give 2/3 value, so it is giving the 6%, but only 4% or 2/3 of 6% is always active, I do wish it gave the full 6% value on the base though.