Lvl 60s hacking in bgs

there are lvl 60 hunters that are hacking in bgs and 1 shotting people, including me with full sinful duelist gear from slands, is anything going to be done about this or do I unsubscribe

uuum, t-this is a Wendy’s?

You’re posting in the wrong place.

This forum is for discussions relating specifically to our cluster of servers and its community.

Furthermore, this is a Retail forum, not Classic.

Assuming you are a member of these servers and are just posting on an alt (since you mention sinful gear), the people who read these forums are just other players like you. We don’t have any power. Forum mods rarely poke their heads in here, and even they are just mods, not game devs.

Please use the feedback tools provided or direct your inquiries to forums that are better suited to this discussion, perhaps the PvP forums. You are more likely to find knowledgeable people there.