<Lush on Pull> recruiting for 8.3 and beyond, friends and family atmosphere. M+

Lush on Pull is a casual progression guild seeking members for raiding and M+. If you seek a family friendly environment with an established guild of social and helpful people, look no further. We’re it.

Most of our members have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla or early Xpacs. Our goal is to grow and expand our community within the guild.

What We Do

Raiding: We are looking for a few more competent raiders for our team. Raid nights are Thursday and Monday 5:30 - 7:30 server. We are primarily interested in a few dps/ 1 healer at this time but are open to all classes and specs.

PvE (Mythics, Expeditions): We are regularly running keys, throughout the day and night, with groups representing multiple time zones. Ours is a perfect environment to find people to run keys or simply to learn in a supportive group. We also run regular transmog and achievement runs for players of all levels.

Casual: Just want to hang out, do stuff on occasion, level alts and just have people to chat with? We’ve got that covered too. Don’t miss our farming nights that also include prizes (I mentioned prizes, right?).

What to Expect

The core principle by which we operate is: be excellent to each other and have fun.

  • We treat all individuals and groups with respect.
  • We promote positive attitudes and personalities (less QQ, more whoo-hoo).
  • We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination either within the guild or without.
  • We help our fellow guildmates and know that we can ask them for help when we need it.

How to Join

Does Lush on Pull sound like a place you’d like to call home? Toss us a line and let us know — you’re welcome anytime. You can reach us here via the forums or find us in game.

Bawbers [GM]
Fenzik [O]
Greathornowl DaveyJones75#1912 bnet

Additionally, you may contact any member and let them know you are interested and they will get you in contact with an officer.

We hope to hear from you. Cheers!


Our first raid night is coming up on Thursday 10/17 if anyone is still looking for a chill group to run with. We’re fun people, so hit us up!

LF 1 healer still and a couple dps, come join the fun in establishing a team and progressing with friends here on out!

Healer and ranged dps we still need! Especially a Warlock!

Still recruiting a few dps for raids, come join the team and get your AOTC before 8.3. All casuals welcome as-well.

bump still recruiting all for 8.3, dps for H EP, casuals welcome as-well

Bump it on up, welcome to the new people, still looking for more to boost our core team.

great people, great team, great atmosphere, love it here

Still taking all casuals and a few dps for raid, starting on heroic, 2 down so far on the first night, next raid monday, come join us, contact an officer now for an invite.

Pushing our numbers to 20, looking for a few dps and 1 healer, currently 3/12H and pushing for AOTC as a team and guild. Then will start Mythic for funsies. Come join the fun! Message anyone in game or reply here.