Lunar Festival Elders are not reset

Thanks very much for the response. =D Looking forward to getting them all again this year.

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Y’all remember when the christmas presents got resetted for previous players? Yoooooo same. :confused:


are you kidding me? you’re gonna reset this but never reset winterveil? you guys really are truly out of touch with your own game.


I wonder if they care more about the lunar festival because it’s bigger on the china servers. I imagine they wouldn’t care about christmas stuff.


The 2 interns working on classic were pulled away to create the epic new launcher


Why am I not surprised.

If I was on the team I would just assume all the season event quests won’t reset on their own, and make a script to go through and flag everyone’s character as having never done the quests.

Then set it to run in batches a week or so in advance so that by the time the NPCs are set to spawn everyone’s been reset and can redo the quests.

…then again, I’m assuming IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(), which should be what the client is using to check, is handled entirely on the sever side and the client never has any idea if you’ve completed the quest or not until it queries the server.

You’re assuming there’s a whole team of devs. I think it’s more likely there’s one dev somewhere that occasionally gets pulled off another project to fix something in Classic.

I think it’s a bit of what you say, but also I think the WoW Dev Team is primarily made up of Devs working on Retail. With the Classic team being a subsection of it. And probably ostracized because the players seem to prefer the “old guard’s” version of the game over, what they perceive is a masterpiece [Retail].

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This is more or less exactly what I said.

It doesn’t have to be a retail dev specifically, but that’s probably what it is.

Been three days and not fixed yet.

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You’d think running a simple script to reset IsQuestComplete() for players wouldn’t require a Tuesday maintenance.

This is Blizzard they probably wait till Tuesdays to take a dump

You believed him? I think it’s pretty obvious they won’t be reset.

What’s going on with this? I was looking forward to the free rep again this year.

I had to patch a while ago and can now get the quests again.

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The hotfix is now live.

If you completed the quests last year and still aren’t seeing them, you can trigger the reset by entering Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

The last time i did anything lunar festival was 2016,2012 and 2008. The elders are not reset for me as I didn’t do them last year. I Don’t have all the items and would like to get them this year.

I’m slightly concerned that it requires a client-side update for something that should definitely be handled on the server-side. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thank you.

PLEASE fix Winter Veil for future years, accordingly. TIA :smiley: