Lunar festival crowns

Returning lost casual here. Hopefully someone can answer this, the elder festival thread doesn’t seem to be alive:

I did the quest Lunar Preservation. I then did the follow up quests that reward the 4 different color crowns. I don’t need to do anything else for the all year crown transmog do I? I looked them up on wowhead and it said I need to buy the crowns but when I click the NPC it says I already collected the appearance.

I would like to double check before the event ends ty :>

I thought you had to buy the crowns with the coins? I got two from the seller in the Moon Glade pier.

I think the quest initially gives you access to wearing the crown during the Lunar Fest,(buying them when the items were only moggable during the holiday) and the other one was to allow for permanent transmog outside of the Lunar fest (when it was still applicable). I did both sets of quests to be sure though. They are easy gathering quests and have nice xp behind them✌🏾