Lunar Beam healing now +230% next reset instead of +130%

It was +130% earlier this week but it will now be 230%.

It’s very funny they had to more than triple it to make it useful, but now it might be worth taking since it’s now a pseudo-Renewal on a 1 minute cooldown.

Na its still bad

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It’s not whether it’s good as a heal.

It’s that it lives in a spot where it’s competing with things that are arguably mandatory.

The problem really boils down to it’s placement.


Tried it today, still not worth getting.

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That and the other changes listed are live now, but it hasn’t actually changed since earlier in the week / PTR; they just aren’t consistent with their language / percentages. It’s now slightly more than double of 10.0.5 values but still only around 100k healing.

Confirmed that the updated notes are wrong and it was only a +130% increase.


Needs better damage and an actual defensive component besides healing; like taking reduced damage while standing in the beam or buffing active moonfires DR or just massive magic DR om activation to compete with the other defensive options on its row.
Bears issues are how quickly they get globaled at higher levels, on gcd trickle healing doesnt help that.

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Exactly. The freaking literal spotlight of Elune is shining over ME! I’m her CHOSEN ONE and what benefit does that provide for me? Mediocre healing and even worse damage.

It needs more healing, more damage, damage reduction, and rage generation. Make it apply moonfire to every target that comes into contact with it.

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Compare LB to FR…

FR: 32% heal over 3 sec, 18sec cd
LB: 22% heal over 8 sec, 1min cd.


If they add any sort of DR to it, it’ll become absolutely mandatory to go arcane bear.

They need to fix our mitigation issues independently of Beam.

Needs to do more damage and make it a shield instead to help with magic mitigation and should be a shield and increase the amount 100 k is nothing 20% of our health maybe 200 K that would make it worthwhile for a capstone as a defensive for big hits.


Just scrap Lunar Beam and give Bears Solar Beam - we are basically a boomkin anyway.

An AoE silence would be far more useful than another mediocres self heal - Even better! Make all players standing in the light get healed! More AtWF group healing

I used to love playing lazer bear for timewalking with this trinket.

The aoe damage was insane and the healing provided from arcane damage turned it into a survival trinket.

Lunar beam sucks.

Give us this instead.

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Legion had some awesome trinkets that are very Druid in flavor!! Blizzard is barely tapping into the creative potential for Guardian talents.

There was also that seed trinket that was supposively good in the Mage Tower tank encounter too