LuLu’s List for Rp Networking

Hey Yall! Its me again. I have been feeling down in the dumps recently and am looking at ways to bring up more Alliance rp around here. We all have heard the go to place is Duskwood (which it is. I Love Duskwood). But I am also looking at revitalizing Stormwind! I am thinking that as I have free time (which is very minimal and sporadic) I will be doing something similar to what my good friend Thomas does, and posting here on the forums, as well in the WcP LfRp channel ad to when, where, and what character I am on, with a focus on Stormwind! That way when people see if they wish they can hop on over to come check it out!

I dont know how this will work, or how long it will last. But here is to hoping!


This is a great idea! I’ll be rooting for you and participating where my schedule allows.


I’ll keep an eye on this thread and pop someone in Stormwind to try and help with the effort if the times work out for me.

I always felt the look and feel of Stormwind was very important to tourists and possible returnees, given its historical state as the Alliance RP hub.


I hear Kulder is still in Stormwind, giving high fives to all who pass him.

Hell, Kulder will be the last one out of Stormwind to lock the doors behind him when it’s closing time.


Kulder is still there and will always be there. Im not even sure if he is alive, but the bench mage reigns supreme. I should network some of this with him…



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I had so much fun on Azmair tonight in Stormwind. I had not one. Not three. But FIVE walk up instances in Stormwind. It was so much fun. If you were one of those folks who bought something from Az, or at least talked to him, I appreciate you so much for playing along.

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Congrats on your success, Luloo! Roleplay can only be brought back if we make the effort to bring it back.

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And i am happy to put in the time! I actually was thinking of logging on here soon again for some midday rp to see if anyone is about!

Im in Duskwood tonight if folk are out and about looking for rp! I was pretty set on only using this to report SW rp and plot points for that but after a long week of not being able to yodate forums… im doing what I know best and sticking to Duskwood for the night <3

On my paladin for a bit in Stormwind! On my way to the cathedral district for some pick up rp

OUT COMITTING CRIMES- I mean- selling extremely legal goods in Stormwind this morning.

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In SW rn on Officer Madarax helping to lead the fight against these Loot Demons if someone wants to come hangout or get some good old SW rp.

In Stormwind on patrol in the Canals! Please dont hand me spiders o7

Im in Stormwind for a bit. So far I have already had one good rp interaction that was a ton of run with two very shady rogues. If more people want to stop by im still in the for night!!


Hey it looks like there are three or four splinter groups of SW rp rn as the Faire starts to wind down if people want Stormwind Rp

Allo lads n lassies. If anywhats you find yourselves in the gold ol Marble city o Stormwind. Ill make sure to stop by and give you a proper welcome! Cheers!

For those interested!! There is a worlds end tavern event starting in an hour and a half in TBC Shattrath’s Worlds End Tavern. This is a neutral event and I believe may be happening weekly.

In Stormwind before the Guild Faire today for those interested!

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It looks like there are some night elves chilling in the blue reculse if people are looking for SW rp!!