<Lucidity> is recruiting!

Hello my fellow Kargath/Norgannon players!

Lucidity is a heroic raiding guild on the Alliance side looking for new members!
We are a small, casual guild focused on having fun and getting bosses down in a laid back setting. We are an adult guild with a great mix of players from all over North America with many of us having known each other and raided together for multiple expansions. We also like to run other PVE focused content and non-raiders are welcome to join!

We are currently looking for dps (spriest, warrior, boomie) as well as a healer or two to round out and diversify our core raid group. People who enjoy playing multiple roles and like to switch it up are also welcome!

Our raid times are Fridays 9pm to 11:30pm EST and Sundays 8pm to 10:30pm EST.

If you think might be a good fit for you, please feel free to whisper Seannah-Kargath or any of our officers in-game. I am online most week nights as well as weekends. I can also be reached through our server’s Discord!

Thank you

I would like to provide some additional information in regards to our current progression in Battle of Dazar’alor.
We are currently sitting at 8/9N and 2/9H.

If you feel we might be the guild for you, let us know!