Lua error?

A box saying lua error keeps popping up. how do i stop this?

Lua errors pop up when there’s an issue with your UI. These can be very minor things that you can ignore, to more serious stuff that could hamper your ability to play (or even cause a disconnect.)

Right after a patch, the problem is probably being caused by an out of date addon. (Not all out of date addons will cause issues, it depends on if something a particular addon uses changed in the API.) So, the first step is to update your addons. (Some addons may take a few days.)

The error will generally list which addon is causing the error, but this can be misleading. (Sometimes, something will cause taint in the UI, and the first addon to interact with the taint will throw the error, even though it wasn’t the addon’s fault. So, the addon listed in the error is a good place to start, but don’t take it as gospel.) If you can figure out the problem addon, you can disable it until it gets updated.

If it doesn’t seem like the errors are causing any issues, and you just want to not see them at all, you can use the command:

/console scriptErrors 0

That will hide the popups. (The errors will still be happening, though.)

Oh, and if you aren’t running any addons (the default UI can also throw Lua errors) then it might be a good idea to do a UI reset to clean up any corruption that might have snuck in.

They deleted it from ingame options, only way to hide it now is to type in chat:
/console scriptErrors 0
Always helps, wonder why it was deleted from ingame settings