Lower Karazhan Mount Clear Moroes Bug

On the evening of May 21 cleared Opera no problem went to the crowd crystal and extended our buff, cleared to the room outside Maiden, and got our crystal there had about 9 mins at that point, cleared spiders and portaled up to the entrance ran to the balcony and jumped down into Moroes's room, cleared trash then pulled and dropped the boss with about 4:50 remaining and no crystal spawned. At first we were confused thinking someone may have accidentally clicked it right after the fight but no one had an extended buff. We quickly cleared to Curator and killed him to extend our buff went back to where the Echo is and he was unclickable. Had a stealth character run back to Moroes's room to confirm no crystal was there (still within time limit).
Something similar also happened to us June 4th. We did Opera and got the first crystal from there with no problem. We went to Moroes second. We cleared the trash and Moroes and as we went to channel the crystal it disappeared.
Had this happen today too, Moroes crystal is the one that didn't spawn. Went from Opera to him, plenty of time on the buff still. Thought like you maybe someone clicked it accidently, but all of the buffs were the same time and at 1 stack for people that were in range of the opera crystal.
This is still happening.
Does it still disappear if you click the crystals in the originally intended order? Moroes was originally 3rd - the one by Maiden was the 2nd.

Only the OP indicated that may have been the case (though it's entirely possible they cleared without clicking). All other posts I've seen on the matter suggest the issue may be as a result of skipping one.
Bump. This just happened to me but this was at Spider room (and yes I clicked on opera, maiden, then moroes in that order). However, a little different. When I ran into the room I saw the crystal, however I decided to pull all of the spider webs and aoe them down and after killing them I saw the crystal had despawned. I am not sure what caused it to despawn, but I am very frustrated I lost out on a mount attempt this week.
Just happened to my group too unfortunately.

Also just happened to my group in the spider room, sad :frowning:

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3 days ago, exactly same thing happened to me in Korean realm. lmao
I reported that bug to blizzard Korea GM, but they just answered ‘kill moroes slowly’

Just happened to me today.

STILL happening in 8.3 Fix your *hit blizzard.

Oh wait I’m just talking to a wall.

this work for me.

You have to taunt moroes away from where he stands and kill him there, then you can click the crystal.

This is still happening. I killed Moroes slowly on my newish 120, got all the crystals in order, went to the spider area and the crystal despawned, or maybe it wasn’t there, not super sure as I was kiting a bunch of spiders, feigned death, which resisted, killed all the spiders and there was no crystal. Ran to Curator, killed him, got his crystal, went back to spider room and Moroes to make sure I didn’t forget something, but couldn’t get my spider crystal to spawn. Timer ran out.
Please fix this. Pretty please.
I just did this yesterday on my 463 Demon Hunter and had no issues getting it for my friend. Why is it broken today?