Low on memory and then crashes

Two times today I’ve had wow retail crash on me and it’s saying it’s low memory when I have enough for the ram and the graphics card. The only thing I’ve got besides wow is Winamp and it’s never had this problem before. I need help

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What addons do you use?

Have you tried doing a full reset and seeing if the memory issue persists?

Please submit a DxDiag report.

Do you think it might be the tsm addon because that uses a lot of memory

I don’t have any experience with TSM, but theoretically any addon can go off the rails and use up a lot of memory. It would most likely happen if the stored settings and saved variables for the addon got corrupted, since addons don’t seem to be very good at protecting themselves from corrupted input.

I disabled tsm and still seems to be crashing i dont know what it is thats causing it and its making me upset that i dont know whats making it happen

Did u fix it?

I will answer myself so ppl can try this.
Go to blizz config- game config- in Wow put : -d3d11 and done
This makes the game play at dx11 (apparently putting in game does not work)
Ps: i kw my english is trash sry