Low level seeking a casual/family style guild (A or H)

I am new to the game (early July) and tried a boost on Atiesh (79 dwarf hunter currently) because I read one should go to a large server and I am West Coast. I am not enjoying that server so I tried a size down and have really enjoyed Old Blanchy. Also I do not like the hunter as it is too much for a new person. I tried the Horde and have this Warlock and I like the people I have met but I am not a pet person I guess. I always played Dwarfs in EQ but never the Paladin so I am trying it and loving it here. Guess that explains why so many.

I keep getting random unsolicited invites which I reject. Not a rush but are there a few names of casual guilds that I should keep an eye on? Battlegrounds seem like they would be fun down the road. Questing is fun but haven’t done dungeons and not sure what to do when asked to tank. I don’t know where I am going and everything has an acronym that I am not familiar with. I am a Ret right now and not sure what I will be when I stop leveling. I left EQ well over a decade ago and just now finding time to get back and try something new. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Baty! Our guild “Shady Acres” on Westfall Alliance, may be just for you. As a guild, we do not raid, but run dungeons and group together when we can and help each other out. Most of us have a few alts we are leveling and there are usually a few folks on. We are Alliance, so you can still have a Dwarf Paladin. I think I saw free transfers are active for Old Blanchy, hopefully that includes Westfall (medium pop server).

Just about anyone in the guild can invite you, so if this sounds good, look us up! Good luck with your search.