Low Level Automatic Epic Upgrade?

I just play to level 20 on the free trial, and I used to get an automatic quest item upgrade every time if I saved my quests until 20 (I’m not sure what level the automatic upgrade actually occurred at), until the most recent patch when my new character didn’t get one. I tested it on other characters and it didn’t work as well. Is this still in the game? Kind of frustrated because I did a ton of work trying to figure out what item was the best choice and then I went to play finally and it got patched out.

it was deleted from the game


It’s definitely not deleted from the game. I got epic Urchin’s pants from the riverpaw gnolls quest in Elwynn just last night. It’s just random I think, at least as far as I’m aware. I don’t know what determines what gets upgraded other than sheer RNG.

After a certain level before level 20, you automatically got an epic reward upgrade from the first quest you did. So now to remain competitive in the 20 bracket you have to reroll over and over and over until you get an epic weapon. Is basically what this amounts to.

Sooooo… So much for playing this game. Man, the same experience as when I played it when I was young. Hours of time spent calculating and working on attaining a particular item advantage only to have that advantage removed, while everyone around you had that advantage.

It was interesting catching up on the game though. It was interesting to see what changed since vanilla.

Doesn’t that kind of depend on class? I thought some classes BiS are from dungeons, like the 2h sword from one of the stratholme sections.