Low Level Alliance to Zuldazar

I have a level 20 Hunter and I want to take a Sabertusk lizard from Zuldazar, is there a way to get to Zuldazar w/o doing the war campaign? I let my account’s sub run out and running on a starter level type of account.

Take the boat on the last dock on left.
Takes you to city… Find your way there.
Beware some mobs do not scale to level.

For the Alliance the only way to get to Zandalar would be through use of The Wind’s Redemption boat, docked in Boralus, after you’ve unlocked the start of your Alliance war campaign and chose a foothold to establish.

Thank you very much. Do you have to be level 35?

I do not know how hight of level it takes to complete the quest… Check Wowhead fan site.

If you have a Stealth toon…like druid.
You can get on the Horde Ship in the Troll starting area…

Thank you very much. Happy Hunting!

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There is a way…
One of the DG’s … When it ends and you go out the exit. It keeps you over there.
The one with the Lizzard NPC´s.
The sands???

Thank you, is that Atal’dazar? So, after the last boss is dead, just leave the DG out of the entrance?

Gonna run it… In queue for Temple of the Sethraffss.
I think ot is that one…
Orake- dps frost DK…Alliance
To early or I would tank.
Just got locked up again…
End task on game… Found a bunch of fishers level 60’s just fishing.

Try again

Thank you, I will try that one with dun finder, U trued Atal’ dazar, after the last boss was beat and everyone left the group, I walked out of the entrance and was in elewyn forest

Gonna try again…
My ISP line outside my home is busted…
Gets lag when car goes by…
Lock game up.
I think it is the temple of S.
Idk the box is gray… Got 3/3 dps
Sorry horn sounded … Game kicked me out of DG finder…uggg pay $70/mo. For this ISP.
Good luck.

What a pain in the A. the Temple did not work, back in Stormwind. I don’t think my unsub toon will get to Zuldazar.

I will try my Horde toon and see if it was them who went out into the sands.
I know the NPC’s was over my level at the time, so I sure I was un paid.
After work…less cars going by.

I read a post, alliance toon go to booty bay, then retchet, then go to the troll zone and get on the zandalari ship

Yes but you need to be able to ride the ship.
Stealth or invisible pot…

I have feign death, I am going to try that. Thank you again for your suggestions :slight_smile:

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I did It…
/Played 2hrs: Aliance Hunter…
Lealde-Echo Isles
Exiles…Cromie time BFA…quested until I got 10 gold… turned off XP Gain at level 11… ported back to Borus… took DPS slot in DG… finished DG…
I am at Conqueror Path Graveyard… have raze sickness, because I was Won Zomby razed…

Vol’don , Temple of the Sethraffss is the DG.

I got fishing along the way just in case I needed a raft but did not need.
I did not need to go as far as I did.
BFA Time… Select DG…play… have fun.

headed for to tame a
Sabertusk - NPC - World of Warcraft (wowhead.com)

And tamed the Lizzard…