Low DPS in every situation

I’ve been reading guides and following rotations from places like Wowhead and IcyVeins, but no matter what I try, my DPS is almost always the lowest of all the other DPS players in my group. In Mythic+, I can only get 20k-30k DPS (usually near the low end), and in the arena I do even worse. I rarely bring down players, and I’ve fought enough rogues to know I could be doing better.

By comparison, my brother who plays an Unholy DK does respectably well at worst. I know UH is good in dungeons, but my spec is supposed to be in a very good place in the arena.

Can someone look at my character and give me some feedback? I know my offhand is pretty low and my traits aren’t the best, but do those things make that big of a difference? Thanks in advance.

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Probably not what you are looking for but Try Assassination out. Sub has been broken ( flame away ) for sometime and the effort required vs outcome at this is not worth the struggle

Also gear for more Haste vs versatility
Deadly navigation on weapon with Versatile enchant


Lemme start this off with: I could be wrong, But I would try to change some of my Azerite if I were you. I found Shrouded Suffocation, Twist the Knife, and Nothing Personal to be my favorites in PvP. Your versatility is good so I’m assuming you don’t have too much of a problem with survivability but I would switch one of my talents to leeching poison for pvp. Pvp is fairly unpredictable so knowing when to feint is hard plus you’re giving up dps when you do so (energy). I also use master poisoner with wound and crippling poison.

My best advice is pick traits so you can take full advantage of vendetta. I feel like your overall stats are good though.

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Thanks to both of you! I will try your advice, and I think the gear I got from the chests yesterday will help a bit, too.

Something to keep in mind.

You asked specifically about M+ and Arena. Gear, enchants, stats, essences, etc that work well for M+ probably aren’t ideal for Arena. You will want to have “set ups” for both aspects of the game.

I actually use three set ups. Raid, Questing, and PvP. I use macros and addons to make it easy to swith back and forth.