Love is in the Air Rewards – Level Requirement

(Elenstelle) #21

“The only metric that we care about is fun.”

Tell me, what’s ‘fun’ about this change? Needlessly antagonizing players with arbitrary restrictions on an already rare and limited event?

How can Blizzard stand for fun and yet still go out of their way to promote unhealthy and unfun behaviors? How is this fun? How does this requirement make World of Warcraft and better for anyone?


It’s Because of the temporary nature and the severe RNG that getting the drop is extremely satisfying (for those who got it). Like you said, it’s for people who are into these kinds of things in-game. These people are borderline obsessive and will be that way regardless. I am, to a degree. I’ll try and try and if I don’t get it, meh oh well…next year. These kinds of events are for collectors like me.

This mount is supposed to be stupid-hard, virtually impossible to get - that’s why we try for it. There are a few things like this in the game and it’s perfectly fine the way it is. Everyone shouldn’t have Everything, like real life.

(Savana) #23

@Canadiana Then no one would do the event.

I’m not into mounts, and have never tried for the Love Rocket. This will be another year of not trying for it. Good luck to all who do.

(Rhielle) #24

A mount that can be used from level 20 and up… can’t be obtained at level 20 and up.

Yup. Makes perfect sense. :roll_eyes:

(Hermíone) #25

The drop rates made sense at first when you could run the holiday dungeon as many times as you wanted and could summon the boss. We did the same thing , made groups of just the 5 of us and rotated thru all our alts to do it as many times as possible. Now, you can only loot one per day and the mount is either in your heart shaped box or it’s not. Before it dropped from the boss and had to be rolled on. Making a guild group you could do it over and over, as long as you could start the event, and choose who the mount went to if it dropped. We never saw it.

All of the holiday bosses should be able to be looted by any level character. New players are being left out of the ability to get the mounts. Existing players who are leveling new characters are also out of luck on those characters. Just doesn’t seem logical. It’s not like each time you loot your chance increases, it’s the same drop rate whether you are on 1 character or 50. True you have more chances to get it, but its not a better chance per character. Anyway, my opinion, lowbies should have the chance at these mounts and the drop rate should be increased since you now only have 1 chance per character per day.


IMO, the drop rate should improve every time you run it (by account), never starting over. So let’s say you run it 10 times in the first day on 10 different toons, if the drop rate starts at .01%, by the end of the day it would be, 0.11%. Essentially a .01% increase in DR per run.

At this rate, for every 100 runs your chances improve by 1%. This would keep the rarity of item in tact while at the same time ensuring, eventually you were going to get it

(Ieatsquirrel) #27

I think all these old rare drops should have the drop rate increased to a reasonable one, so people can get their drop and get on with their lives. Which just might mean enjoying newer content without having to worry about missing opportunities to farm something like the many drops that have been stealth nerfed ridiculously low.

No. only the rarest drop rate should be 1%. Normal mount drops should be 2-5%. I have some of those rare mounts and I’m fine with letting people feel like special snowflakes because they got the mount they really wanted without having to sink many years into it.

At the beginning of BfA I calculated that in one year’s time I could get all 4 pandaria world boss mounts by running 35 characters a week through them all, with bonus rolls. Trying to do that was horrible. I gave up after getting 1 lucky drop.

And that’s what happens. When they turn what wowhead says is a 2% drop quietly into a .01% drop, some people work longer and harder at it. But a lot of people just give up and play less or not at all.


Why not? its not like you’ll be carrying them, they are scaled and as such can carry their own weight.


I know your feels bro, I’ll be throwing 41 (at the moment) alts at it this year which is 615 attempts :weary: Wish me luck lol

(Maizou) #30

Is this only for the Love Rocket, or also for

I’ve been after this toy for 9 years now (well 8, this year will be 9). (since before it was a toy) and I’ve still yet to have it drop. I ran the dungeon on…28 toons? every day every year.

I’ve had multiple Big Love Rockets drop in this time.

But I still haven’t had this stupid toy drop. Is there any reason this toy is this rare? :confused:

Or can I create new allied race toons, queue for the boss, and get infinite chances at this toy?


This is the kind of forward thinking and feedback that’s healthy for the community, thank you for giving us a heads up.


Agree, I like to be prepared in advance. Though most of my characters are 110 now I know if I want to do more attempts on Love is in the Air then I need to get to 110 and won’t be surprised.


so basically: “we want mount collectors to keep them busy for as long as we can with miserable low % chances” so we make them level their 40+ characters to 110 because that will keep them in game.


This has got to be the stupidest hotfix ever. Why in the world would you spring this on the community 3 days before the event? Headless Horseman cache was only level 98 minimum, why would you change it for this one? If you had of told us back in October it would have been fine, I could have been on a levelling spree, now myself and many other friends are caught out with alot of level 100 toons that are now ineligible. Stupidest change ever, implement in for 2020

(Neocleo) #38

Oh man, this is nuts lol. I’ve literally gotten that toy every year. I thought it was a common drop until I saw your post. I’ll happily trade you it for the love rocket.

(Neocleo) #39

Thank you for the heads up but couldn’t you have given the players more notice than several days? Becuase as it stands, some people are grumbling over this as a push to sell character boosts. People will otherwise have almost no time now to raise their toons to 110 if they have many.

(Törsten) #40

speaking of hunters, are you planning on buffing BM hunters right now? They are struggling pretty bad out there in competitive raids…
Thank you


I knew this change was coming (but only because it was stealth changed LAST Valentine’s Day, and then there was a blue post stating something along the lines of “going forward, only characters eligible for current content will be eligible for the box that drops the mount”) and I prepared for it.

All fifty characters are 110+. I have not rolled a Mag’har Orc yet—despite REALLY wanting to—because there wasn’t enough time from when I unlocked them to guarantee that it would be 110+ before LiitA started. Last year I boned myself because VE/LFD/NB/HMT were released the Tuesday RIGHT BEFORE LiitA started, and the year before didn’t have the “current content eligibility” restriction on it, so I (falsely) assumed I could delete several 100+ characters to make room for the new allied races.

2017’s Love is in the Air—the one where “as long as you’re a high enough level that you can queue for the dungeon, you’re eligible” was the rule—was the least stressful Love is in the Air that I have ever had. 2016 and before was always a “how many characters can I get to level cap (or within 2 levels of it)” rush with years that the expansion came out in September-January being the most stressful and ones where I had at least six months to get my leveling grind on less so. 2018 was miserable (because of said Allied Races and the assumption that it would work like 2017’s did). Post-LiitA 2018 I had to make it my goal that every character on my account had to be level capped before BfA came out and that I couldn’t roll and level new characters (which is something I genuinely enjoy doing) if I didn’t have time to get them to eligibility before the event.

I’m not saying this is smart, or healthy, or anything like that. It’s absolutely none of those things. February is the most miserable time of the year for me exclusively because of this one stupid mount that I can’t bring myself to give up on, and I have structured nearly my entire World of Warcraft life around making sure I have the most possible chances at it for the two weeks it’s available, for the last several years, and I cannot wait until either I finally get it or this game finally dies and the servers go down for good because either way I want this stupid mount hunt out of my life FOREVER.

I’m pretty sure I know which of those two possibilities is going to happen first, by the way, and it’s not me getting the mount.

(Gassavia) #42

High level character bias!!!

Just kidding :slight_smile:


Me not kinda of orc, i like farm mount but every week is a frustation with 0,1% drop rate i will pass hard this event.