Love DH hate the transmogs

I just started playing my DH after a year collecting dust. I really enjoy the class, but man the transmogs are pretty yuck.

Any recommendations for some of the sets or pieces you like a lot ?

What makes things worse is having an abundance of marks of honor from my main. Was hoping when I started working on an alt that I’d have some decent sets to pick up for them. Only found one of the sets likeable enough to purchase.

Granted DH hasn’t been around long so I understand they won’t have as many options so other classes, but the few sets they do have are pretty meh. Whoever they hired to design DH gear needs to be reassigned to work on something else heh. Even worse is if you want to stick with glaives, the models are so lousy looking. Especially since so many are just a recolor of the same ugly pieces we have to choose from.


Totally feel ya. I’ll probably get mocked a bit for this, but I gave up after making several DH’s. I too love the play style, but the transmogs are just hopeless. How can I be expected to slay monsters and save damsels if I look like a WWE wannabe?


If you can’t look good while tearing souls from still living bodies, then what’s the point?

As proud as I am of my current mog, I know it’sa far cry from the 12+ pages of skins available for each slot for my warrior :frowning:

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I honestly like the starting robe for my nelf.

I think it’s probably easier with a belf DH. My issue is that shoehorning my DH into mogs from other classes feels thematically wrong, and also anything that exposes her eyes makes the whole rig look silly.

It’s okay though.

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Yeah warriors have IMO the best looking gear for mog. I initially was going to level a fury warrior after getting tired of my hunter main, but liked DH much more after picking mine back up.

I’m pretty good at mixing and matching pieces on my characters to create some cool mogs. Although I was hoping DH had a few cool sets to get with marks. Going to have to do a lot of legacy runs and nab a few cool pieces little by little.

Another downer was how ugly fist weapons look on DH. Maybe it’s simply because my DH is a female blood elf, but fist weapons on her are way too big and look silly. Swords, axes, glaives, all look fine but fist weapons look so wacky on her.

This is my DH here, realized I wasn’t logged onto her in forum. This mog is pretty basic but still cool, use it on my hunter sometimes also. You can’t tell from view her profile but the swords are enchanted to glow purple, looks really cool in game. I also chose no horns for her after a trip to the barber shop heh, so she’s not your run of the mill DH.

Haha this is my (Brujanna’s) shaman. It’s crazy that mail got this mog from the Broken Shore patch that looks so DK. :smiley:

Every time I open the mog window on this toon its like “DO I WANNA BE A ROGUE OR DRUID TODAY?!”

The problem is DH’s only got one expansion worth of class-specific sets, which was Legion. With no tier sets in BfA, the only class-specific transmogs DHs got access to were Warglaives, but no other equipment.

It’s frustrating, but there’s not much we can do unless they bring this system back or dedicate the time for more class-specific appearance-only equipment.

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I love my mog, pretty basic but i think its sick lol


Scroll through the “Rate the tmog” thread. Some pretty nice looks in there.

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Does it just come down to a lack of warglaives and uninspiring Tier/PvP sets? My Demon Hunter mogs are probably my overall favorite among all my characters.

The one I have on currently, I call Lightsworn Avenger. Makes me think of a Batman type dark hero character.

This one I call Hallow’s End

This one I call Zen and Vengeance

And this one I call Sunreaver Slayer


I like what i’ve go on, but to be fair I agree with you. Most of the Xmogs for leather and mail are lackluster… I’m not sure what is up with the design teams, now, and over the years, but they’ve never really been very good with leather and mail… Plate and cloth on the other hand are amazing as far as Xmogs go.

I wish they would just go ahead and make it to where if you can wear a specific type of gear (So warrior can wear all types, technically) Then you can Xmog ALL types of gear…

So for us, leather we could Xmog leather and cloth items. It would only be for Looks anyways, I don’t understand the harm.


I choose evil looking DH … Cough I mean rogue. I did have to farm three different places to get this transmog the way it is because we don’t get all the rogue pieces for this transmog so I actually had to mix match different raid pieces to make it look the way it does. so if you put some time and effort in it you can make it pretty cool MOG you just have to t MOG farm through different places. Oh and my chest legs belt and gloves are part of a demon Hunter transmog I believe but the shoulders in the boots and the helmet or not. Put some effort in it boy!!!

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You actually name your sets? That is taking the mog game to another level and I commend you. Well played indeed!

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Yep, I’m a nerd like that :wink:

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I mean we can all be lazy like me and use full leather sets to look good right :grimacing:

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I really like the Darkshore front set and the questing set from Vol’dun. I’ve farmed some leather gear from previous expansions but I usually main a druid, not rouge and haven’t had the time to go re-run raids/dungeons on a rouge. Druid + DH = ???

Doesn’t work.

Would absolutely adore transmog from Blood Trolls or Dark Rangers. The former being extremely unlikely so no dice for that. I can’t imagine DH’s looking anything other then moody/edgy. Glyph of Tattered Wings with a more beastly skin fits the kind of look I’m going for + Vol’dun set. It’s simple and didn’t take much effort, but I like it.

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It really is hard to find good looking glaives since most of the dungeon and boe greens are lame. I just can’t use any other 1hs since the animations look better with them. I got lucky with the uldir glaives in lfr the other day tho and they match well with the gladiator set I’m wearing.

I go for the less is more look with my DH (helm, shoulders, chest, cloak all hidden) with the bandages shirt. I call it my rambo set with the tribal looking tattoos lol

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I just love my xmog those claws looks so huge I just feel like I’m crushing everything on my path!!

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