Love armor manuscript drop chance

hi the drop chance for the manuscript is very obviously bugged to be extremely low, various comments around wowhead/discord where people have 1k+ kills of and not receiving manuscript. obvious bias but there is a ton of comments about not seeing anyone looting manuscript while having love rocket already obtained, somethings fishy and should be fixed!!!


I’ve run 11 toons everyday and still have not seen it.
I already own the love rocket from years ago so thinking something isn’t working right.
Limited time drops should not be this bad for RNG :frowning:

The recorded drop rate on Wowhead is pretty telling, as it is currently “equal” to the Heartbreaker. Seems like whoever put it in simply copied the Heartbreaker’s drop table instead of, you know, actually making the chance equal the other holiday manuscripts at minimum. I’ve done 14 attempts a day despite already having the rocket from last year and no dice.

EDIT: Going to tag the original CC thread on this dating back to Hallow’s End since this situation is the most egregious so far.

I got the mount last week, but still no love armor. Maybe I’m just blessed with good RNG because I have looted every other holiday dragon skin prior to the event ending and Arfus three times. (Downvotes aren’t a thing here, thankfully.) I’m ok with getting the mount instead, but I haven’t seen anyone else get the armor in 10-15 runs a day.

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grats on 3x arfus :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the only new holiday drop I’ve missed this year, but the love armor will be the 2nd if I miss out on it. GL on your drops, and ignore ppl who downvote you getting lucky with rng :wink:

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I wish I could give one of them to you. The extras stay in my bags in case I can learn more than one someday. I made a last-ditch effort for the love armor yesterday before the event ended, but no luck. I did however manifest a Pip’s out of the weekly dungeon cache on my main. I had been hunting that trinket on multiple difficulties for 10 weeks, so I’ll take that much-delayed “luck” instead. Hopefully the next time around we get what we are missing! :sparkling_heart: