Lost transmog gear

So last night me and my wife ran old WOD raids for gear to transmog. I got quite a bit of items I liked including 2 2h maces some head, shoulders EC. but I go in this morning and look and all of my plate most of my helms shoulders weapons you name it it’s all gone. I frankly am kind of mad because now idk what happened and I don’t want to get any more transmogs because IDK if they even work. If anyone could give me a little incite like am I missing something here or did it just BUG OUT like WOW loves to do. I am really just confused because some of the stuff is still in my transmog list but a BIG majority of it is just gone. Like I say I could just be mistaken on how it works but I thought when it was soulbound to you, that opened the transmog up. Any assistance would be most helpful.

If you accidentally deleted or vendored your gear or items, go to the official blizzard item restoration page and see if it’s there. You can restore as many items as you want for free and instantly.


If I recall correctly, there was some sort of a bug where certain transmog items were missing from people’s characters after they purchased them.

Not sure if that’s still an issue or if it’s been resolved.

Also, it might be worth looking into getting an authenticator and securing your account as well as not sharing it or your personal details with others or even interacting with players or websites that advertise boosting or gold. Just be safe.

i got it all back and i still can’t transmog most all of it mainly im looking at 2h maces and shields and such but none of what i bought back is available for transmog

You have to get the gear on someone who can use it. Warlocks can’t use shields.

okay i did it on my hunter and i understand the cant wear it but i got specifically the acidic jaws leather helm and that also is not there but allot of the cloth i got is along with a Fue staffs

It has to be on an appropriate class for the armor type.
Cloth - Mage, Warlock, Priest
Leather - Rogue, Demon Hunter, Monk, Druid
Mail - Hunter, Shaman
Plate - Death Knight, Warrior, Paladin

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Okay Thank you for the help.

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