Lost the Portal to Dalaran over Karazhan

Greetings. Playing a level 20 Alliance toon, and cannot fly.

Was given the quest “Calling of the Council” and it requires you to step through a portal that takes you to Dalaran over Karazhan, but I decided not to step through that portal because I wanted to clean up some other quests first.

Well, the portal is gone now and I can find no other way to get to Dalaran over Karazhan.

I tried talking to Archivist Elysiana in the Violet Citadel, and she offered to retell me the story of Magni Bronzebeard, etc, which I read might restart the questline, but clicking on her offer does nothing.

I braved Deadwind Pass and could see Dalaran in the sky, but because I’m a level 20 I could not fly to it.

Any other ideas on how to reach Dalaran over Karazhan? … for a low-level alt.

I enjoy exploring the game by foot, and by mount, but this hiccup has me stumped.

[edit: I abandoned the quest and that freed up Archivist Elysiana to retell me the story, but no portal appeared. Maybe I was mistaken. Maybe Dalaran over Karazhan can only be reached by flight.]


Do you know which quest opened the portal?

Try completely dropping the quest, then go to the quest giver, the quest and then the portal should start up again.

That trick worked, thank you! Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

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