Lost quest after pre-patch

I am not sure what the quest name is, but I had a quest in my log that I was saving towards the end of BFA that had me visit the embassy. I logged into wow after the pre patch and the quest was gone from my log. Thrall isn’t up on the swinging bridge in Orgrimmar anymore, and I don’t want to miss out on any quest lore that might take place at the end of BFA. Anyone know of anything about this quest or if I can obtain it again?

The main quest I can think of to go to the Embassy is the breadcrumb for unlocking Allied races, The Call for Allies. The allied race unlocks are account-wide, so it can be a bit weird. (If you did it on another character, it might fall out of the quest log of another. I also have it pop up on characters at seemingly random times.) There’s really not any lore involved, as it’s just a “hey, go to the embassy and see if you can unlock any of the new races” quest.