Lost Loot chest from Vision

Please read my Ticket Posted from the World of Warcraft Retail game. Ticket# US73080161 This ticket is about the fact that after completing areas of a Vision run in Stormwind I had Completed the Dwarven District and was about to Finish the Trade District when the Game went down for maintenance. I never had the chance to loot any of the chests I had earned or would have earned (i.e. I would have finished the Trade district since all that was left to do was open the cages which I had 3 or so done and still had over half my sanity left.

By the time I came back to the game after the maintenance finished I expected to see Mail With the loot I had Earned but Never got the Page from the Dwarven district; this led to my Ticket starting. After many failed communications with your GM’s This seems like the only chance To Correct YOUR PROBLEM. Either Fix it so the loot chest I should have got grants me the page I should have got OR PUT ME BACK IN THE ROOM WHERE THE LOOT CHEST WAS SO I CAN LOOT IT.