Lost Legion - old school Maelstrom guild

Any from LL still lurking around?
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Some of us are on Emerald Dream.
Oh, !@#$... LL IN THE HOUSE!

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ha ha ha
I remember going up against Lost Legion While i was in Malicious and Soldiers Live
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I miss the good old days.

PS. Selis finally hit 120 and stop playing. lol
It was a long time ago. I really thought everyone had quit by now.

I can't believe all the showers Nev took during the raids.

Unga - whats man?!? you playing again?

A year later and Ryxy never checked back on the thread, lol.


Damnit Ryxy…

Demonicus/Ashos here… any of you old timers planning on playing classic?

Sup Demonicus…

I know Vod and myself are ready and we’ll be alliance. Vallo and Kanidell last I heard were going horde. Havent heard from anyone else at the moment. Maybe we’ll get more people to come to this thread once we get closer to release.

You guys should fill out your info at https://www.vanillafriends.com/

Growing database of old school folks jumping into Classic. Might help you coordinate.

Thank you for this link! Looks very cool. I’ll keep checking back on this post - pretty sure I am going horde just to have a different type of experience but will keep an open mind :slight_smile:

Don’t mind me, just strolling down memory lane

Anyone back for Shadowlands?

I feel like I was in LL for a when after getting booted from TTL. It’s all fuzzy now.