Losing Celestial Observer's Ensemble Xmog

I keep randomly losing the celestial observer’s ensemble xmog set on my account. And then randomly it will come back. But each time it costs me a ton of gold to re-xmog my gear… every time.

It is a known glitch. Blizzard is working on correcting it (and the other disappearing transmogs), but no timeframe has been given as of yet for when it will be corrected.


This happened to me again after happening a week ago.

If blizzard is kind enough, maybe they can remove or set a 1g gold limit on the transmog for the set and any other shop purchased transmogs, murky backpack etc.
It’s 600 gold to transmog the Celestial set. Having that lost every time this bug occurs is not fun!!

For the time being, try not to use the set until it’s fixed. No point throwing gold into a hole right now.


Just had it happen to me, but now I can’t see the set to transmog it back.

You still own the set, it’s still there. The bug is that it comes and goes from your appearances. There isn’t any rhyme or reason to it at all. It will be there one moment, gone the next. Then may reappear three weeks later. There just isn’t any fixes or workarounds.


File an in-game bug report on the character it is happening on. The more information they have on it, the better the chance they can solve the disappearing issue.


I don’t mind spending the gold. But mine is completely gone from the set options. So if I xmog away from this I won’t be able to xmog back…

The Celestial Observer’s Ensemble is still part of your collection, Endlosung, it just may be inaccessible at this time. The appearance should reappear on its own and hopefully, our QA team will be able to find out what is causing it to disappear in the first place so we can finally squish this bug. Sorry for the frustration.


If you’d like some more info to investigate this issue, take it from me:

I randomly got the “You Have Been Disconnected from Blizzard Services” msg in game and poof… my Celestial Observer’s Ensemble transmog set disappeared and nowhere to be found except in my purchase history. I tried restarting my computer, resetting my WiFi, restarting Battle.net, and almost made a ticket.

What seemed to work was logging out of Battle.net application, then logging back in. Upon opening WoW, I see I’m wearing the Celestial Observer’s Ensemble transmog set, but when logged into WoW, I’m still naked until spending another 473 gold to put it back on for the second time this week! It’s not a lot but it adds up and we don’t deserve this at all…

Nobody does. But with it being a pretty well-known bug? Continuing to use the mog - any of the store-bought mogs/RAF rewards right now - it’s kind of on folks who keep jumping to put it on and then act surprised when it disappears again.

It is bugged.

Has been since 9.1 back in June.

There is not any fix no matter what anyone says at this point. Slapping your desk three times and doing a spin in your computer chair will not work any better than people who say X works. It will disappear and reappear without any rhyme or reason. Until Blizzard says a fix is in place, it’s a use at your own risk kind of deal.

If you recently bought the mog, you can try to put in for a refund. But that’s really it at this point.


You need to post this in the Bug Report forum or file an in-game bug report. QA doesn’t take bug reports from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them.


“It’s a known bug” is unacceptable when it is a product I paid extra money for. They need to deliver.

I’m putting in for a refund.


Which is why there is the option to apply for a refund. If it’s approved, then you can always try and repurchase the set whenever this bug is fixed.

It’s not like they’re not working on it. There have been plenty of Blue posts trying to explain what they do and don’t know about it, so it’s not that they are sitting back and cackling madly every time another of these threads gets posted or locked down. They are just as frustrated as the players are in that it’s not something that is easily solved since not everyone is affected and those that are crop up without rhyme or reason. There’s not a linear reasoning to this thing at all.

But I do hope you’re approved for your refund, just please get it in ASAP as they are kind of big on the requests being timely in relation to the purchase.


Everyone is acting like this is an ok thing and Blizzard’s excuse is unacceptable! We all paid 32$ for this set (at a time when Blizzard really should not have had the audacity to do so) and for Blizzard to say it comes and goes and basically deal with until we get around to fixing it is total BS!!! NO…your solution does not work for me and it should not work for anyone else who not only paid you real money, but constantly has to pay a ridiculous amount of gold in game to transmog it!

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To argue that we have the option to get a refund is also total BS! If this was a known issue, which apparently everyone is saying, why did they put it up for sale to begin with!?!

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It is what it is. Either wait for Blizzard to fix it or ask for a refund. Not much to it.

Because it not happening to everybody. If it was, Blizzard would have pulled the items from the shop.


Because most players are not having this issue. It is only a small number of cases. That is part of why it is so hard to find a solution. If it were a wide-spread issue they would have removed the item. They’ve done that before.

The Customer Support forum is a player-helping-player forum with Blizzard oversight and moderation.

Bugs need to be reported in the Bug Report forum.
Feedback on the transmog, including the suggestion that it be removed from the store, needs to be posted in the Transmogrification forum.
Or you can file a bug report or make that feedback using the Support interface in-game.

QA and the Devs don’t take feedback or suggestions from the Customer Support forum and the SFAs here are not liaisons with them.

The article for Reporting a Bug suggests filing a ticket to get an item returned. This will not work for the Celestial Observer’s Ensemble because on Blizzard’s side it shows that you do have it.


No one is saying it’s okay, Drakanhorn, but until we’ve been able to find a resolution to stop it from happening there isn’t a lot that can be done.

As noted, this isn’t happening to everyone, not even a high percentage of people. Overall it is a fairly small number of folks, nor is it permanent. That isn’t to say that just because it’s impacting a small number of folks that it’s okay either. Our teams are doing what they can to figure out why it’s happening and to find a resolution to correct it as quickly as they can.

I am sorry for the frustration this is causing you. Hopefully, our QA team can track down what is causing this elusive bug.