<Lose Your Life> Found our healer. Recruiting Closed

Lose Your Life is an Alliance (horde also accepted now) heroic AOTC guild that is a home for wayward nerds. We’ve been around on Lightbringer since WOD and have a long history of getting AOTC each tier.

Our goal is to clear and farm the current raid weekly. We dabble in mythic content if we get bored farming heroic. We have been known to enjoy M+ too.

Currently Recruiting:

Current Progression:
7/9 Heroic ATSC
9/9 Normal ATSC

3/8 Mythic Vault (we are not a CE guild we just like doing the first few)
8/8 Heroic Vault AOTC

Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 PM - 12:00 EST
Time Zone Conversion - (8:00 PM-11:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST)

Apply today at https://www.LoseYourLife.com

Have questions about the application process? Visit our Application FAQ:

Or reach out to us

Bnet - Sugar#1437 or Stinggar#1176 or Darann#1686

Discord - Sugar#9702 or Sting#5237 or Darann#4223