Loremaster help: Cold Hearted (Storm Peaks)

This quest isn’t working for me:

It’s supposed to be:
-mount a drake
-target a frozen prisoner and use the drakes 1 key to free it.
-drake picks up the prisoner
-repeat 2 more times so that your drake is carrying 3 prisoners
-fly that mess back to a known location. (the drake actually takes over and does the navigating)
-at the end point, drake drops all 3 prisoners and I get credit for them
-drake drops me, flies off and I get no credit.

Everything I’ve read says that you should get credit at that point. Has anyone here faced this and have suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

This one is super frustrating because Storm Peaks is one of 3 zones I have to finish for the Loremaster Achieve, and this quest blocks completion. I’m going to cry if I get down to only having storm peaks to finish and can’t do it because of some bug.

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Evidently you can’t use a dragon flying mount to get to the drakes. once I switched to an old school mount it worked fine.

It’s odd because all I’m doing is using the dragon flying mount to get up close enough to mount a drake.


Oh my god thank you. I have 0 idea what makes those mounts break things. When I was doing it, there was also a like 1/4 chance I would straight up disconnect. Used a normal mount and it was fine lmao