Lore regarding warlock pets

The Succubus is used against male enemies right? So wouldn’t that mean the Incubus would be used against female enemies? Also what guarantee is that it would work?

Yup. This is all definitely a topic best discussed with a trusted adult family member.

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Someone who’s attracted to men?

Anyone that’s attracted to men?

Depends on your stance on sex and combat. They’re the same as succubi, but someone might prefer a male minion over a female.

I don’t understand what’s confusing you.


They’re sex demons.

For sex.

People have sex in the lore.

There’s even very strange lore regarding sex (eg Dragons taking Elf forms, which I recently found out about).


So far, as a game mechanic, it seems largely a matter of taste. If you look at the various demons and glyphs, that becomes more apparent. And the Incubus will likely be in that glyph system.

The Felhunter and the Observer are an example. As our minions, they do the same things in game, but they have different models.


Observer used to be an improvement, as its silence was a 40 yd range while Felhunter is melee silence

But they fixed that :frowning:

support warlock stables!


Well if you don’t wanna bone a female demon, maybe you want to bone/get boned by a male one (or vice versa).

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The new male incubi is cute though. Just gonna leave it at that :wolf:

Succubi and Incubi can seduce anyone with their magic, regardless of sexual orientation. Their biological sex matters for their own reproduction, I’m sure.

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The first is nothing more than the male form of the second. There really is no lore at all regarding players’ demonic pets. Theorectically the Stormwind/Orgirmmar/Darnassus Gaurds should be all over you for towing them inside city limits, but gaming considerations override that.

Blizzard is just cottoning to the fact that women play warlocks as well. I have still however yet to see a female among their NPC ranks though. The male demon is not an option that’s enabled by default though, you still have to get a glyph made by a player to have it.

There are 4 in their class hall, one of which is also in their quest line to get the green fire glyph (Jubeka Shadowbreaker). Overall, it does seem to be a male-dominated class, though and I did roll a male lock despite being female irl, so I may be just as guilty.

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Fixed that with a trip to the Barber Shop, I presume?

Since Vanilla, there have been female warlocks. There’s a named female orc one in Arathi that’s the objective of a quest that comes immediately to mind. The Shadow Council area of Felwood has female warlocks IIRC.

Female warlocks (or members of most classes) do seem less frequent than males, but they do exist. Hidden away in corners of quest areas.


I’d like to think that I’m as perceptive as my character but in real life I’m more like this.


If it helps you any, the only reason I even recall that very specific female orc warlock (Marez Cowl, I had to look the name up, it was driving me crazy) is having stumbled upon her in-game (she’s still around in Arathi) on an alt.

I mean, the overall sentiment of under-representation of female characters is still valid. If the best I can come up with is an old group quest (that’s no longer group) to kill a named NPC for existing? You’re still pretty damn close to the mark.


According to a tweet compilation created by Wowhead, one employee is quite proud of how Ardenweald is 50/50 split between male and female characters, so the issue you’re talking about is indeed very real.


There’s literally female warlocks in Stormwind. I’m positive there’s one in Silvermoon too.

I never thought of Warlocks as particularly Male dominated. Maybe Mages and Priests and Paladins have hints of such gender roles, depending on the Race. But Warlocks seem to be more open in that regard.

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I don’t think she’s talking about lore, just the ratio of male and female Warlock NPC’s in this game. I don’t know about that either. I haven’t counted.

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In general the ratio of male to female NPCs is a bit out of wack. And that isn’t even counting all the races they neglected to make a female model for.