Lore Question: How does one get to The Emerald Dream?

I have been wondering about The Emerald Dream for a while and it troubles me: How does one get there? I know you can have a unique connection at birth or go there with an Emerald Dream portal and of course get there by a druidic slumber but there are several people that have gotten there when dead. I can only recall a few but I was just wondering what races could get there on death and perhaps the Dreams connection with the Shadowlands.

The Emerald dream is the final resting place of animals and some druids. It is connected to the Shadowlands by it’s dark reciprocal Ardenweald, which Wild god/Loa and souls can choose to move on to or reincarnate/stay in Ardenweald indefinitely. For Wild gods, animal souls, and mortal druid souls it is effectively their version of Nirvana. Tauren, Nigh Elves, Trolls, Worgen, and Kul’tiran are all the races which can form druidic connections with the nature around them and are therefore the souls with a likelyhood of going to Ardenweald/the Emerald dream on death.