Lore behind the Purple effects on Demon Hunters

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So, when we make a Demon Hunter we can personalize it with 2 colors of “energies”, the Green is almost self explanatory as its Fel Energy, but what about the PURPLE one? Is it Fel too? Why purple? I tryied to search about the “purple energy” but couldnt find anything about it!

Are you talking about the tattoos? Those aren’t fel energy, those are arcane tattoos. The colors don’t really have specific lore explanation.


IIRC, Purple represents Arcane.

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Arcane, Void, even Death sometimes. Our cosmological forces are not really that well color coded.


The color of their tattoo doesn’t mean anything.

The tattoos themselves are arcane and used to counteract/restrain the fel energies inside their bodies, since arcane and fel are opposites. It’s explained in the Legion Inscription quests.


Don’t even start on the shades of green. Light sickly green being Fel, and a dark blackish green being the de facto default for Death.


You forgot all the other shades of green, AKA the color of Life.


Vibrant-Green is Life/Poison, Fiery-Green is Fel, Blackish-Spring-Green is Necrotic Death, Emerald-Green is Emerald Dream, Jade-Green is Jade and Yellow-Green is Decay.

Iridescent-Purple is Arcane, Purple is Shadow Death and Blackish-Purple is Void.

On the shades of Yellow: Golden-Yellow is Holy Light and Arcane Order, Normal-Yellow is Holy Order and Whitish-Golden is Ephemera(the Magic of Zereth Mortis).

On the matters of White: Whitish-Black is Sha, Whitish-Rainbow-Black is the Pain Anima seen in Bastion and the Maw and finally pure White is the Hyperlight of the Brokers.

On Red: Dull Red is Blood, Blackish-Red is Nightmare, Ruby Red is Red Dragonfire and Red is Sin-Death from Revendreth.

On Blue: Whitish-Blue is Moon, Blue is Twilight Night Fae, Azure is Virtue-Death, Cyan-Black is Drust Blight, Azure-Black is Devourer, Light Blue is the Jailer’s Death Magic, Starry-Cyan is Astral, Blue-Black is Void, Icy Blue is Frost, Ghostly Blue is Souls and Watery Blue is Water.

On Orange: Fiery-Orange is Fire or Lava, Orangish-Yellow is Amber or Mantid Pheromones and Earthy-Orange is Earth.

Purple has the least variants while Blue has the most. Void uses both of their Blackish shades.


So does that mean Demon Hunters can be gaining the Void Energy now?

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Shadow bolt has been a part of the warlock arsenal forever. Illidan’s demon form is a giant, decidedly purple demon.

Purple has been part of the demonic color scheme since long before any of this cosmology was codified.

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