Lord Crowley's Old Spectacles

So, I have a transmog to hunt down.

Lord Crowley’s Old Spectacles - Item - World of Warcraft (wowhead.com)

According to Wowhead, and the comments, this item isn’t available to players. However, it’s showing up in the collection tab alongside other Cataclysm-era transmogs. The tooltip says that it’s available by a vendor.

Was this secretly made available to players with the patch?

I know that glasses mogs aren’t unheard of anymore, but these ones actually have a unique, blue tint to them that stands out. Worth seeking out, if they are indeed able to be obtained.


So, after some investigation, here’s what I’ve found.

Couldn’t find anything in Stormwind, even at the Gilneas vendor.

It appears that this is considered a cosmetic, as it showed up on both my leather and cloth worgens.

On that note, it appears to be Worgen-exclusive. It only shows up in the appearance tab of my Worgen characters.

The logical conclusion is that it’s probably located somewhere in the Worgen starting zone. That’d be the next place to search for it.


It definitely shows up on my human character, not just worgen - I’m guessing it’s a Trading Post item.


Oh, that’s a good theory.


It also shows up on my rifleman gnome, so I wanted them for cruising the mean streets of the old district, first item I get from the trading post if that’s where they come from. Until then I’ll just continue to be disappointed, using the tinted shades we have.

So, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m becoming less and less convinced that these glasses are indeed a Trading Post item.

To my knowledge, TP items aren’t white quality. Moreover, TP items DON’T show up in the Transmog tab until they’re collected. The fact that we’re seeing it in this manner suggests that it’s an item from a normal vendor.

There’s plenty of places it could be hiding. Someone on Wowhead checked the Worgen starting zone to no avail, but there’s ALSO the Forsaken starting zone, which is very Worgen-centric.

Really, any Cataclysm-era vendor could have these tucked away in there. And hell, there’s alot of phasing going on in just the Worgen starting area alone. It’s incredibly likely that there’s a vendor that only shows up in a specific phase that’s easily missed.

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Yeah it shows up on my Draenie hunter’s cosmetic page, as well

Seeing as were talking about finding transmogs…
There is a white one handed axe called an Iron Hatchet that I see when going through axes. Supposedly it comes from Shadowlands and that’s about all I know. Wowhead has almost nothing else about it.

It shows up in the appearance tab of my female Blood Elf, so it’s not just Worgen, or Alliance. I’m definitely interested in finding them!!

SO! They were in a chest in Lord Crowley’s Orchard before it was blown to bits off the retail map. (sited here https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/88m43a/new_secret_found_secret_wearable_glasses_added_in/)
I’ve looked around the wreckage maybe for remains of the chest or some bit of the orchard but unfortunately you start to fatigue right around the bottomless pit that was his Orchard. I’ve submitted a ticket to possibly grab some knowledge from a GM about this. I think it would be a fun idea for them to put maybe a chest with them floating around the area.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but that’s an old April Fool’s joke. Unless there’s a specific post there that I’m missing, you’re mistaken.

The hunt continues.

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Yeah I found that out the hard way lmfao. I made a Worgen and everything looooool. I’ve been searching all gilneas in the past and current timeline and still haven’t found a single thing. Tried to contact a GM and they just kinda point you here…

The Hunt Continues

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So… I’m not sure what to make of this, so I’m posting it here. Someone on reddit has claimed to have found them:

I FOUND IT! Lord Crowley’s Old Spectacles : wow (reddit.com)

That being said, I find this post suspicious, as the picture attached to it SEEMS to have been photoshopped. There are no arms on the glasses attaching them to the character’s ears, so this post should be considered suspect, at best.

That being said… I actually think that someone MAY have found them. I noticed a character on the forums, that SEEMS to be wearing them on their profile picture. However, this character hasn’t posted since November, and their profile can’t be viewed, so I cannot confirm whether they’re actually wearing it.

Armories for retail characters cannot be hidden. They are actually just hiding their Forum Activity.

You just need to manually go to their Armory Page - when you hover over a poster’s name it will display their character name & server in your browser (Chrome displays it bottom left for me). You can then just manually visit their page by typing out the character name & server.

Armory link info: https://worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com/en-us/character/us/SERVER/CHARACTER NAME

The Armory Page link not being shown is just a side effect of the Forum Activity being hidden.

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Yeah, I don’t think they’re actively hiding it, it’s just giving me the “Something’s not quite right” error message.

The armory page I’m looking at is indeed using the formatting you’re posting.

Oh I see. Armory can be so fickle at times. I have errors with my own characters at times.

Sometimes going deeper into the Armory pages first allows me to then see the main page.

link: https://worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com/en-us/character/us/SERVER/CHARACTER NAME/collections/pets