Loot Trading in Classic *updated*


That’s a good point

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Fair compromise

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Well, that’s good to know. See people, Blizzard does listen to player feedback.


This is a perfect compromise in my opinion. Now just tell us there will not be Xrealm BG’s and everything is right with the world.


I’m very impressed with Blizz news these past couple weeks. Seems they are listening to feedback and making changes where appropriate. Love this change.

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Seeing as it’s 5-manable and very often puged I would say no.

But it would depend on how they implement it. It might be that being in a raid triggers loot trading to become active. Or it might be that being in certain raid instances does.

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Good news.

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This is a really good compromise. Thank you so much Classic team!

Really pulling through for us!


You guys just keep getting things right. I’m both pleased and impressed.


Thank you !!! Classic Hype !!!


This is great news to hear!

However there is still one area of concern, and that is UBRS. If this is considered a raid instance with loot trading enabled, it is still an area of abuse as many groups will have pugs or use need before greed etc and collude on drops such as Dal Rends ironfoe and HoJ.

Can we get a clarification if this applies to all raid dungeons including UBRS or if it is perhaps tied to how a group is setup, so if you try to run a 5 man in a raid group or try to run a raid in a 5 man (dont try this at home) and then look to somehow abuse the loot system, or is this system tied to the raids themselves and can we have UBRS exempt from loot trading?

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Once again Blizzard showing us that they are listening. Thanks for the update!


Wonderful news!


I think it depends on the raid u are in. Lbrs in 5 man-able, but Ubrs not really…
So the question arises if it counts as a raid or not… With Lowers and Uppers being the same instance.


Ironfoe and HoJ drop from BRD, which is a five man.

But for UBRS. Many groups already had items reserved. At least on my server. As long as I wasn’t going for those one handed swords, I would generally have a fair shot at my loot. :slight_smile:


A bit more clarification about exactly what this user said would be great too! Most of us old players think of raid=40 mans. Not UBRS.


Ye I think so too, 20 man and 40 mans are raids… But u can’t be sure here…


Great news. You are earning my respect once again as a company.

If the next update is something crappy…then I come to realize that you are balancing out news (good, bad, good, bad) in a certain way to keep the community from tipping too far in one direction.

Which would be smart.

But I still don’t want bad news.



This just made my week.

Thank you for listening, devs.

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Alright this seems like a very fair compromise. You guys are really nailing Classic right now for me.