Loot SUCKS in SL

I have a couple pieces of 213 loot. I do my 4 mythics. I get duplicate 213 gloves. EXACT same as I’m wearing.

STELLAR system you have Blizzard.


Nah bro, everything is okay because the Great Vault lets you pick one thing a week. That makes up for it.

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Less loot seemed fine on paper until everyone realized that you can and will still get duplicates of everything and your only semi-reliable gearing paths are PvP and the Great Vault.

At this point the exact thing everyone knew would happen ended up happening: less loot didn’t make the loot that dropped meaningful. It just made the loot that didn’t drop more frustrating. You straight-up don’t even get gear from the content you do nowadays.

In what world is getting 210 ilvl for a +15 reasonable? +15s are harder than Heroic Nathria by a very comfortable margin and definitely harder than the first three or four Mythic Nathria bosses yet they don’t even give Heroic item level pieces.


Not hardly.

No, you don’t understand. See, the Great Vault… lets you pick one extra item a week.

Think about it.

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Yeah, all those duplicates to pick from. So, my alt’s best item is a chest and what does he get in the great vault 3 different chests to pick from.

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Bruh we always have the greatestdq loot system since the dawn of humanati.

The more RNG we have the thrill to get loot we wil get before killing the boss. An evolution to the mmo that everybody love. That’s why WoW’ve survived this far.

This will be the last .0 patch I ever play in wow. I’m done with the garbage restriction and gating.

one extra item

unless you got no loot that week

Loot system is awesome this expac , if you can and want to play 70-100 hours a week it’s perfect .

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