Loot rules and settings in vanilla/classic


As someone who never got to play vanilla im really curious about the loot rules and options in dungeons and raids. How they worked and who has control of this. Im sure there are other people who are curious about this going into classic. Could someone give us a break down?


Group leader set loot rules. there was ML, group loot, free for all, round robin, need before greed. you set rarity of loot uncommon, rare, epic.


Were the loot rules set before going into the dungeon and could not be changed once in the dungeon?


they could be changed at any time. Once looted however, the change won’t affect previous rules.

If you ML and then switched to FFA, the items under ML won’t be able to be obtained unless group leader switches back and loots. however, same rule doesn’t apply to need before greed, group loot or round robin.

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The main one in dungeons is need before greed.
IE. If you need the item you roll need. And greed otherwise.
Sometimes someone will set up a master looter group where they have an item on reserve. In such case the item is reserved and everything else is need before greed.

In raids it’s mostly master looter.


Did being able to change the loot rules in the instance result in alot of toxic behavior? Like the group agreed on loot rules then the group leader changes it to their advantage inside the instance?


i would imagine so, unless the leader left or the person reserving item had to leave. or possible dkp subtraction or multiple wipes.

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Without group consent such an action was frowned upon. Especially if they used it to their advantage. Might even lead to being labeled a ninja.


It would seem a function to lock the loot rules before going in the dungeon would be an easy way to avoid alot of problems with loot distribution and giving the group leader control over the destiny of everyone’s loot. Kinda like setting the difficulty before going into the instance. Im surprised Blizzard never implemented something like that. Relying on the honor system only is not very reassuring, i would hate to put hrs into a dungeon and then get jerked around on gear.


one reason they didn’t is when a raid leader dced. sometimes people had to wait a long time for the next person to get raid leader position.
also, circumstances such as person leaving who reserved the loot warrants a change to group loot instead of MLing it.


IIRC you couldn’t change the rules while in combat though.


Does the new loot trade function going into classic give players the option to sell the item to another player? Or is it like gift only? I know the trade function exsists in retail but ive never noticed if there was an option to give item for x amount of something.

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I mean they could sell. I won’t condone such action. Personally I think they should make it so that any item rolled need on is automatically soulbind.


Ya i agree, the trade function seems like it will make a bop item almost a boe item. Even if its to a smaller market than the auction house.