Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

Millions. I was working on it, and then I just got really discouraged (not just from this issue) and pretty much stopped playing. I’ve been spending most of my free time putting in more practice on my instruments (even though there are no rehearsals or performances going on right now). At this point, I’m playing WoW about two hours a week, running dungeons with my friends.

I maybe could have raised the money if I’d kept playing and focused on gold generation instead of the stuff I enjoy doing in game. But I’d rather do stuff I consider fun. Right now, “fun” for me is making music. (Gotta get my 40hrs/day of practice in.)

But I’m happy for the folks who have been able to get the mount, and am rooting for those who are still working on it. And I’m still hoping Blizz will give us another version without the AH that we can spend our gold on.


Repair bills are completely optional. Yes, you hinder yourself if you let your gear deteriorate, but you have that option. Taxes just take away your gold–and you don’t even get better roads for it.

Not to mention repair bills are, or at least were, common in RPGs. Taxes have never been a thing.

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"We would like to inform you that we need a new super yacht for our upcoming x mass party for CEO’s and the shareholders wont flip the bill. Instead of sacking staff were going to make you flip the bill. Buy wow tokens now before we remove this “INSERT ITEM HERE” or you will never see it again. Were all going through hard times especially our offshore investors so please get this mount now. We will keep you posted on other things in game we will change to make us more money soon.

Remember we really care. Just check our twitter feeds…



You’re pretty funny! :rofl:

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Bruto will be even harder to obtain now that blizzard has confirmed they are now (as of maintenance jun 16th 2020) throttling the transactions on the AH

This is interesting information. Thanks for the link.

However, I think the players that are most affected by the throttling are those serious AH players who have more than enough gold and either already have a MCB or aren’t interested in one. Just my feeling.

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Woah look at all this feedback. Wonder how they’ll respond.

Probably sticking with the, “It’ll be on the BMAH still.” answer requiring you to generally gold cap for it if I’m not mistaken is usually what happens with the removed mounts.

that’s where you’re wrong kiddo. creating artificial scarcity for a mount you can buy with real life money by spending hundreds of dollars on wow tokens doesn’t make the mount prestigious. You probably believe blizzard actually got DDoS last teusday when they skipped maintenance too.

I had NO problems when they took away reforging but gave us a xmogger. I use mine ALL the time, was gold well spent IMO.

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I do believe Zarraline is using what is generally known as sarcasm.

However, I admit that sometimes on these forums it’s hard to tell. I blame Blizzard. Sometimes their posts don’t make much more sense than the players’.


Can’t really blame folks for giving up on this topic. Blizzard hasn’t demonstrated much interest in what we have to say here on the forums. It’s a bit like we’re just typing into the nether.

With the lockdown and everything, it’s getting hard to believe there are real people working at Blizz anymore. I mean, how would we be able to tell? Are we really being ignored, or is there just no one left to respond? What’s the difference?


Yeah wishing I didn’t buy but I like mobile ah

I finally reached the 5M to buy the Brutosaur. Took me over 5 months of farming (with zero AH hustling). December 20th, January 26th, March 12th, April 24th and June 3rd were my milestones. (kind of slowed down towards the end…probably could’ve done in 4 months, tbh)


You’re right thanks.
I really should have used a sarcasm tag for people who don’t have your level of comprehension. :wink:
I had thought the overdone language and capitals would sufficiently signify sarcasm for the rest.

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Congratulations! :+1:

I’m always happy for the folks who made it under the wire. :grin:

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Here’s an interesting theory on why Blizz is removing this mount:

If this is true, then there’s NO reason they shouldn’t replace the MCB with a non-AH version when they remove it from the vendors.


For dungeon farming. You fill your bags, pop the mount list the mats and continue farming.

Seriously, I’ll quit the game if they pull a stunt like this. I’m struggling to get the gold for this after they screwed up all the professions I used to rely on. I don’t think I’ll make it before the end of the xp but I was hoping to keep working in it later.

I say just remove it already, this thread has been going on for 8 months lol, thought it was dead already :stuck_out_tongue: